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bpchiilJanuary 8, 2014

I live in the Chicagoland area and have received a quote to replace 3 DH windows with grids -the windows are 31 x 72.

The price I received was $892/window installed. Is this a fair price or should I be considering Okna's 500 Series?


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Excellent price and a very good window.

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It is a good window, no question. Price can depend on several factors. I actually prefer the okna, so at the very least I'd get a competitive quote on that product.

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The Vanguard is a well built and reviewed window.

The Okna is certainly a competent product and worthy of comparison.

What are the installation details?

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Both are excellent windows, I'd get a quote on each and see which you like better. The price is within the normal range, the install detail and option content would determine where it falls in that spectrum.

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WOW - the install is just a basic white on white DH with the grids.

Just received a conceptual quote for the OKNA 500 at $570/window and the 800 for $100 more per window.

I have yet to see a tangible product sample of either of the 500 or 800. Based on price alone it looks as though the OKNA is the leader over the Vanguard. Final decision will come down to appearance of the OKNA versus the Sunrise.

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That is a steal on the 800 and that would be my choice.

I think you will like the looks too. It is a bit thicker than the Vanguard frame but the strength that comes with that is a great addition.

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+1. The Okna 500 bests the Vanguard in every measurable area, so getting the 800 at that price is icing on the cake. It is marginally thicker, but make no mistake it is still one of the more narrow-lined options on the market. Beautiful window with the metal handles and detail.

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