Tablecloth overlays

MaryAnn_ALJune 17, 2008

I'm considering making a square sheer overlay for the round tablecloths. The tablecloths are not floor length but come to the seats of the chairs. I think the tables are 6' as they will seat 8 people. What size should I make the overlays. The standard seems to be 72" but since the tablecloths are shorter, shouldn't the overlays be as well.

Also, what fabric would you recommend that would be inexpensive. I will probably need enough for 8 tables.


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You are correct that the standard overlays are 72" square and they are usually used over a floor length linen. If you place a smaller overlay on a shorter linen, you will hide most of the linen. Have you considered making runners instead? A runner can be as long as the tablecloth or it can be a bit shorter, hanging down perhaps a foot on each side. You can also use two runners per table and criss-cross them.

The typical fabric used is a semi-sheer synthetic fabric usually found in the bridal section of most fabric stores. If you make runners, you should be able to get two from a 45" wide by 8 foot (2 2/3 yards) piece of fabric.

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Don't assume the tables are 6', get the exact measurement. Standard tables at hotels and other wedding venues are 5' and 5.5', and seat 8 - 10, sometimes even 12. I have worked in places that do have 6' tables, but they are the exception.

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It will depend on where the bride lives. In my area, the Northwest, 6' tables are the norm and 5' ones are the exception. We don't have 5.5' ones here, but I do agree that if the facility has not provided the measurement, the bride needs to obtain it before choosing any linens.

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