bridesmaids and groomsmen

abcnewsJune 7, 2005

Hi there,

I'm looking for bridesmaids and groomsmen for a story for about the expenses that come with being in a wedding. If you're in interested in helping out, please send an email with contact information to

thanks for your help.

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And are you offering a financial incentive? I have a couple of great ones, but I don't write for free, and I'm sure you don't, either.

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I'm pretty sure they're not--they're not asking you to write, either, just to be interviewed. Almost no major news outlet will pay sources for a story.

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I doubt that the original poster actually works *for* ABC News...notice the e-mail address is a yahoo address. If he/she worked for ABC I'm pretty sure it would be an address.

Maybe the writer is a free-lancer.

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Probably a free lancer who has been assigned to do research for a story. I get calls from them all the time. Some know what they are after and others have some strange premise that they are trying to validate. A researcher from US magazine called a couple of months ago and said that she had been assigned the task of proving that the reason that people are moving to the exurbs (suburbs of the suburbs) was because girls were desparate to get married at a younger age (honest). When I suggested that the exurbs is where the affordable housing is, she wasn't interested. She needed to prove the theory that someone had come up with. Talk about objective journalism.

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even if I worked for ABCNews, I wouldn't put my actual work e-mail out on a message board. I'd create one at yahoo or hotmail, and then abandon it once I was through with that story.

But it could easily be a freelancer.

And yes, sometimes people set out to prove a premise, instead of investigate. It's faster, and it sells. But it's really stupid.

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