What color's are popular this year?

imamommyJune 11, 2009

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My business provides rental equipment for weddings & parties, such as tables & linens, etc. I've been ordering new linens to increase stock, but would like to add a few new colors and need some idea of what brides want this year.

Thanks for any input.

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Both of my friends who have gotten married recently had brown and green as their colors.

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I still a lot of chocolate brown with green, light blue, pink, or orange. Brights, such as lime green and hot pink are popular and I am seeing tropical colors, such as bright red, orange, yellow, turquoise. Polka dots are also "in."

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Marine blue is the "in" color this year. However, my daughter is using brown shimmering table cloths for normal height tables, and shimmering champagne cloths - with olive ties, for the cocktail tables. The chairs will have champagne ties. This is for a fall wedding.

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"...need some idea of what brides want this year."

Bridal magazines always show current color trends for weddings. Look at what colors are being featured for bridsmaids dresses.

I think it would also depend on where you are located. A tropical or desert local would probably always tend towards brighter colors. It would also depend on the season the event falls in.

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robin's egg blue and black and white damask. But my wedding was last year.

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