Reception Hall Decorating Ideas

buttercup_06_24_06June 9, 2006

My Wedding is in just two short weeks. I have hired two women from my hometown to decorate the reception hall on the morning of the wedding so my family and I don't have to bother with it. I desperately need some ideas for decorating the hall such as: Head table backdrops, etc. I do have my centerpieces all picked out; they will be large bud vases containing clear stones, a gold fish and a Hydrangea (colors of the wedding are blue [almost turquoise] with yellow accents). If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks

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Do the ladies that you hired own any decorating items that can be used? If not, you may have to rent them. Without seeing the room, it is difficult to make suggestions. If the room is a typical rectangle with few special features, you may want to rent screens to use behind the head table and the cake table. You can also rent silk trees to soften the look of the room. If the room is dark, you can use the small clear lights on screens and trees and other places to add light to the room.

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No these women are not professional decorators so I will have to provide all the decorations. I like the idea of a screen for behind the head table. My sisters both recently got married so there are a lot of mini lights and bunches of Tulle leftover and I wanted to do something different with them so that my wedding is unique to theirs. The hall is your basic rectangular hall with tiled floors and paneled walls. It's nothing special.

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Check with a rental center in your area. You would be surprized at all of the things that you can rent to personalize the room.

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Rental center is a really good idea- they not only have columns, fountains and stuff, but they do this all the time, so they probably have a ton of ideas and you don't have to re-invent the wheel. If you don't live near a rental center- go to a website and get ideas. Your florist may have some sources for decoration ideas as well.

I don't know if you like balloons, but a balloon arch is a very quick way to make a large, colorful statement. You can also float them as a kind of false ceiling, with silver or gold mylar ribbons on them that catch the light and sparkle. Nothing says "party" like balloons.

I recently went to an outdoor wedding where they wanted to keep insects off the wedding cake, so they rigged a tulle "tent" over it- gathered tulle onto a tree banch and let it fall gently all around the cake table. It looked really nice (and also gave the message to stay away from the cake until it was time to cut it.)

Good luck and enjoy your wedding day!

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i think, Reception Hall Decoration is a plasant touching our heart, because of everyone is come to seeing our reception honerly give some momantom of life. that is very memorable in our wedding reception....

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