Please Help ID Replacement Windows

abulginJanuary 22, 2008

I need to replace a double-paned window sash, because the inner pane has shattered. I can't find the name of the manufacturer anywhere. The only information I can find is stamped on the metal spacer bar between the panes--"CIG 04 IGCC ® CBA 94". There is also etching on the bottom corner of the glass that states it's Cardinal glass ("IGMAC IGCC®CBA LoE CARDINAL CIG-4 4-95"). My guess is that these windows were installed in the late 80s or early 90s. I have googled this information, but have come up empty handed. Does anyone know where I can find any information about this window so I can figure out which manufacturer to call?

Thank you!

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I'm assuming you want a replacement that is the same as your other windows.

Post a picture here of your frame configuration. Maybe someone will recognize the brand that uses it.


Contact Cardinal Glass Corp, the maker of your glass "sandwich". Maybe they can shed some light on the etching on the glass itself. (Maybe they know which window manufacturer that lot of glass was sold to.)

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It's such a pity that a lot of manufacturers do not tag their product. One of the main reasons is, it's a low end product and they don't want to service them in the later years.

Look in the window header for a paper label.
Check the sash edge for a warranty sticker.

Is there a name on the lock?


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I have wood casement windows (a LOT of them) with this same etching on the glass. I have been searching for replacement cranks for two of them without success.

Did you have any luck with your search.

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CIG 04 IGCC � CBA 94 CIG = Cardinal Insulating Glass, IGCC � CBA 94 = IGCC is a testing certification and the unit passed CBA(the highest level of certification), in 1994.

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No can do from that info. The glass manufacturer would be Cardinal as far as the window, who knows.

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