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Michelle DownsJune 17, 2010

Have you ever received a wedding invitation and wondered how you know the parents or the bride and groom? Every year my husband and I receive a few wedding invitations that leave us wondering "Who are these people?". With a little detective work we usually find out that they are an employee, or child of an employee, for the large company where my husband works. These invitations come from people that he works with very rarely, or not at all. We can't help thinking that this is a way to extend their present giving circle. We decline the RSVP promptly, but do not send a gift. Last year, after doing the same, my husband never even ran into these people at work. Why do people send out invitations to those they do not know?

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Ignorance and/or greed. Sounds like you've handled it well.

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Yep, gift grabbers. We have received a few invitations like this and have declined them. I didn't send a gift but I did send a card wishing the couple happiness. NancyLouise

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It may be to increase the gusts at wedding ceremony and to express the other family.

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Actually your original guess is probably the best one--your husband works at a big company. Some employees are concerned that if they invite Joe in accounting and don't invite another employee that they will create enemies. Usually men don't care if somebody else is invited and they are not--but since you can turn down the invitation if you don't know them well I don't see the harm. People who aren't in a big company don't usually get mystery invitations.

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