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kathyg_in_miJune 7, 2004

So, here a couple of questions for you.

How long have you been married?

Where is your wedding album right this minute?

When was the last time you sat down and looked at it?

Kathy G in MI

P.S. Tim are you listening? xoxo your "other" mother

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Married: 34 years. Our wedding album is in the front living-room book-shelf. I looked through it a couple of months ago, when our daughter announced their engagement. But I think I get your point: they are incredibly expensive luxuries. Our DD and her DF have hired a photographer who is turning over all the negatives to them for developing. That way they can pick and choose the ones they want and not be over-whelmed by an overly-pushy photographer who assures them that they simply MUST have this or that one, those sizes, and a mini-album for each member of the wedding party, and parents' albums.

Some of the photos we treasure most were taken by friends: put together, they would also have made a wonderful album. The cost would have been minimal for the same memories and treasures. Just make certain, if done this way, that the important moments are covered. Good luck! ;-)

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Married: 2.5 years

Album lives: in the living room bookshelf

Last looked at: last week... my SIL wanted a copy of some photos for her album, but I do look at it from time to time. That may change as time goes by, but it is definitely the second thing I would grab if there was a fire (the first of course being my 2 cats).

Andrea :o)

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Married four months.

My wedding albums are a big pile of books and pictures and cards sitting on the floor next to my chair in the den. The honeymoon album is done though!

We didn't order an album from the photographer, the kind with several enlargements. We just got the album of 4x6 proofs and we'll order enlargements to frame, but I don't think I'm interested in having an album of enlargements. I am also making albums of the amateur photographs; there are a ton of those.

Last time I looked was last night, when I thought, ugh, I really need to finish that stuff - but I didn't.

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We've been married 5.5 years.

Our wedding album lives in our downstairs family room.

I pulled it out last week, when I scanned some photos to share with friends online. Prior to that, I've looked at it every few months since we got married. I don't think I'll look at it as much now that I have the photos scanned, since I can just pull them up from my computer. But I'm still glad we got the album - it was important to me to have good photographs from our wedding.

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Been married 2 years this upcoming July 13th. My wedding album is laying on a long table in our entry way. I haven't looked at in months....sad to say.

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Married 40 years and we just looked at it last month. My children know the pictures by heart. They were expensive then $500, but are worth more than anything to us. Most of the family in the pix are gone and it's nice to see them celebrating our wedding.

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Married 19 years last March. Album is on our desk in the den. Looked at it repeatedly over the past couple of weeks picking out shots to enlarge and give MIL on her 80th birthday. These included pictures of her 2 favorite brothers, now long-departed, and DH's only brother, now long-estranged. We presented the pictures to her privately, just the 2 of us along with FIL, because we knew she would cry buckets. And she did. Then she insisted on taking all the pictures along when we went out to "dinner" with a few other family members. "Dinner" was a huge surprise birthday party with about 250 guests, loads of food and drink, a DJ, dancing, and a Mariachi Band which serenaded her. She was like a 6 year old in a candy shop for the first time! It was adorable.

Our wedding album is priceless. When our entire area flooded and we had to be evacuated, the only things we took with us were our family Bible and our wedding pictures.

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Married 9 days!

Wedding album doesn't exist yet... have looked at the digital pictures from my parents cameras a few times when I was home (no computers on the honeymoon!! :-) )

Our photographer used a digital camera and is giving us all of the files, not prints, so I plan to make albums for ourselves, our parents and attendants... I guess I will get around to that next month... Got my 10 year High School reunion to go to this week!


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Married 3+ years. Album is in the entertainment center in the living room. We look at it once in a while-maybe every couple of months or so. Usually if we have company over and they want to see it, or if we just get the itch! Esp since my nephew was only 3 months old at the time, and now he's a wild 3 year old!

Funny thing, one of DH's good friends, his best man, for a few weeks after the wedding, everytime he came over, he'd grab the book and start looking at it again??

Teresa-who is going to look at it tonight!

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Agnesd, that is so sweet. My eyes got all misty reading that, I hope my wedding album will be as well used (I'm not married yet).

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Just married 12 days ago.
Last night I put the photographer's photos into an album so I can take them to work today (my first day back).
Numerous family members and friends are sending in their digital photos they shot. We will print out the ones we love, and put the rest into one disc.
The problem I am having is deciding which ones I want to enlarge! The digital shots are really great, and a huge variety to choose from, as everyone shot from different angles, and have different "eyes" to compose the photos.

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Married 7+ years, our album is packed away because we are moving, but traditionally we look through it every anniversary and also when the mood takes us. It is priceless to us. We had one of the pictures from the album blown up to a big portrait and have that framed in our bedroom.

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Married 21 years.
I think it's on a shelf in the bedroom but couldn't swear to it.
Can't recall EVER looking through it once the photos went in.

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