kimmi88June 17, 2013

I am at my wits end...Long story short-my husband and I have been together for 14 yrs-married for 31/2 yrs, moved out of state almost 8 yrs. The kids daughter-nearly 20 and son nearly 22. We moved by choice to FL and love it...and also partly to start over and get away from the ex-who has never said anything nice about my husband. Everyday was a battle-taking the kids home from there scheduled visits was always her standing outside screaming at him for whatever reason she could think of for 20 minutes in front of the kids. Once her boyfriend came out and wanted to fight...crazy stuff...I never allowed for my husband to argue back or to speak ill of her in front of the kids and nor have I ever-she is MOM. gone thru all the stages daughter having accidents-I took care of it, son has a temper-calming him down. dad screaming at the kids for stupid stuff-over the years that changed..teaching dad that while it is cool to do stuff with your son it is also cool to do the same things with your daughter-you know ride a motorcycle, shooting a bow and learning about building things. Heck just wrestling around in the living room instead of sitting on the couch shoulders back, no talking-unless spoken to etc.....went thru the I hate my MOM shes hitting me and I am running away to live with you guys-without making Mom the bad my SD has decided that I am the worst person on the planet. Over the last few years she has been so disrespectful to me that even our friends ask-does she always treat you that way? I am embarassed for you. We fly them here for vacation, took them to all kinds of places like New Orleans, NYC etc... We used the Friday night pizza and wings money that we cannot do anymore and bought them each a vehicle to help them get life started. bought them computers and they are on our phone plan so that we can communicate with thme.We also Welcome to our lives-FACEBOOK-the SD has posted pics and conversations calling me Fiona from shrek, tag a photo of our golf cart with me under the tires as if to run me over. She then tried to blame her brother for the photo-lied. She lies all of the time to her father to get her way-called him and told him her phone was broken-could she get an iphone-but she set 9000 texts in 2 monthes???? yep it is broken.Because he delayed letting her have the iphone she told people that he was shutting of her phone-went on her mothers plan and got what she wanted. told him her computer was broken and used her college money to buy a $1500 mac.

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As hard as it sounds... Stop giving. She wants you to buy her love. It has worked for so long that she expects it. She is an adult now. It stinks. I know! Let her know that you and her dad are there for her but that is it.

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there is so much more and so much hurtful comments, i could go on and on, but what really hurts is that dad acts like nothing happened at all and does nothing. Mom of course only knows the SD version and does not want to know the rest. I do not want to take the parents place-I just don't want to be the carpet they walk on either. I told my husband that if she comes to visit again I am going somewhere else for the week. She called us to get our address to send me a birthday card---not it was court papers for more money for child support....the lie part is what angered me-she sent a xmas card only to the dog and dad. she sent a text to her father for xmas with a pic of her report card saying see i am not a failure.--no merry xmas orf nothing. i feel so bad for him...

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I would be careful about leaving your home when the kids come to visit. It is your home and they should abide by the rules of your home.
Your husband really needs to be the one to call out his kids for their bad behavior. It sounds like they need to get a dialog going to see why she is acting that way.

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