online china sites?

sheilajoyce_gwJune 14, 2005

DD is getting married in August. After registering in her fiancee's hometown only for the every day and good china, she just learned that the shop has closed. I know she can get her good china only at, but I would like to check other china sites. I think I read of some on this site a year ago, but now I forget. One had "paris" in the name. Anyone have internet china site suggestions? Thanks.

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I have purchased gifts from Caplan-Duval a few times. They don't have every pattern, but their prices are good and their service is amazing.
What is your daughter's china pattern? Any other patterns?

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I was registered at Ross Simon myself, but recently got a very good deal online for my nephew's wedding--Michael C Fina.

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Thanks, the bride likes that site. I guess Ross Simon quit the registry aspect of their business.

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