Congratulations and good luck June 12 brides!

froggy05June 6, 2004

Hello all June 12 brides!

I'd like to wish you all a heartfelt congratulations and I hope your weddings go smoothly and wonderfully. I just got back from a friend's wedding so I'm in the roamntic wedding mood. I'm also a BM in another wedding taking place on June 12th in Seattle. I am soo excited for all of you and hope that you will come back to share your wonderful day with us!



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Thanks for the well wishes Froggy! I can't believe in less than 1 week I will be a WIFE! Oh my God! LOL
FH and i were talking about this last night. He has been SO nervous about the wedding. I asked him what his anxieties were exactly. He said standing in front of all of those people, dancing in front of all those people, ect. I asked about the actual "marriage", and he said he's calm about that, he knows this is meant to be. It's the party that has him a bunch of nerves!
Cant wait to become his bride!

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I'll be thinking of all of you next Saturday!

Penny, all those anxieties will fade away once he sees you coming down the aisle. I'm so excited for you! You are going to look stunning.

Andrea :o)

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Penny, splinter is right at least in my own experience! My husband (yes, it's really fun to use husband/wife in a sentence now! LOL) was really nervous too and he forgot about it during the ceremony. Sort of went on autopilot!

Good luck to all of you! May your day go as smoothly as mine did and may you all have a fantastic time!

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I can't believe how fast time has passed. I think I know how you FH feels Penny--I'm a little nervous myself--not about the actual marriage but about getting in front of all of the people and that everything goes smooth!!

Congrats to all of you June 12thers...don't forget to show off all of your pictures on here after the big day!! I know I will have mine on here!!


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