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martinsbrideJune 18, 2005

i was flipping through a special issue of brides magazine (called brides reception) and i found a picture (page 69) that had these beautiful tall bud vases. i have been desperately searching for them and of course the magazine didn't print where one might find these gorgeous vases so here i am with this beautiful idea for my centerpieces and i can't find the darn vases. wish i could post a pic to give you guys a better idea of what i'm talking about, but i can't figure out how... but the vases are about a foot and a half tall and skinny (like a test tube). if anyone knows what i'm talking about...PLEASE HELP!!!

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I have the magazine. You could try to find a chemistry supply store and see if they have long test tubes like that... or you could go to the brides.com website. They have a bulletin board with a section on where to buy items in the magazine. Inquire there and I'm sure someone can help you find them.

One idea is to go to the hardware store and find that stiff plastic tubing and then glue it to a wood base (making sure to seal it). Then edge the wood base with floral foam and cover with flowers. I can't see the bases in the picture, but it looks like that's what they did anyway.

Good luck.

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You can find a similar vase that begins with a wider square bottom about 5 inches square and tapers up to a narrow opening. Many florists have these and will rent them to you. Check with your florist and see what they have.

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I FOUND THEM. god bless ebay! they're called eiffel tower vases. they don't look exactly like what i wanted, but i'm really not in a position to be picky here... so thanks to everyone who offered advice...

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