Tacky to include website address on invitation?

daniela_2006June 8, 2006

We built a web site that includes details about the ceremony and reception locations, hotel, and local information. Yes, there's registry info on there, too. Is it tacky to include the web site address on the (printed) invitation? It's not a fancy, formal invitation, if that makes a difference.

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I would remove the registry information on your website even if you decide to put the web address on the invitation. Again, it is just like encluding the store registration cards in an invitation which should not be done. As for having the web address right on the invitation...that's a tuffy. I'm leaning more towards not having it on the invitation. Maybe on it's own separate little card. What does everyone else think? NancyLousie

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I wouldn't remove the registry info from the website. Because people have to GO to the website, which means they're "asking." I might bury it one layer down, so they have to click on a link to get to it, or put it at the bottom of the page so they'd have to scroll.

A printer I spoke to says that RSVP cards are sometimes different now--they're a separate card that you DON'T mail back, but they say:
RSVP by January 16
29 West 28th Street
Somewhereville, AL 80274897892
(222) 222-2222

That gives people the info they need to contact you, and they'd have the website then.

I wouldn't put the website on the invitation itself, even if it's not fancy or formal (I personally believe it should be *formal* even if it's not expensive or fancy). But I might put it on a card that says "more information available at www.yourwebsitehere.com."

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I agree that it would be better to enclose a small card in the invitation that says "For more information, please visit our web site at..." I would leave the registry information on the web site as long as it isn't the first thing that guests see when they enter the site.

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I agree with all the other posters. Don't put the URL right on the invitation -- at most, on a card with RSVP information.

You didn't ask, but the other posters have weighed in about putting registry info on the website at all, and I will too, because I think it is a factor in the decision whether to include the URL with the invitation. I wouldn't do it. I agree with NancyLouise that it crosses the line about not giving out registry info unless and until someone asks. I see Talley Sue's point, and I agree that it just barely crosses that line, but I would err on the conservative side and leave it off. If you do put it on the URL, then I agree with the others that it should be buried deep within the site so that only those LOOKING for it find it, and I also think that if you have registry info anywhere on the site, that would be a reason NOT to include the URL with, let alone on, the invitation itself.

Putting the registry info on a web site, and then putting the direction to the web site in with the invitation, is really only one step, albeit a substantial one, away from simply sending the registry info with the invitation. If I got such an invitation, I would feel that the couple were at least as interested in the honor of my presents as in the honor of my presence. You don't want to appear overly concerned that someone might not look at your shopping list.

I know not everyone feels this way. But obviously, some, in fact many, do. So consider the impression you will leave on at least some of your guests. You are going to a lot of trouble and expense, I assume, to make a lovely invitation -- so why risk doing anything that might make it say not "love and romance" but "gimme"?

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Thank you all for your thoughtful, helpful replies! I am very glad I asked.

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Hi Daniela,
Just married myself on April 15th, we had read several magazines where it had stated that it was ok to include a website for the purpose of responding to the invitation. At the bottom of the response section we included, "You may also wish to respond via our wedding website at..." Everyone loved this saying they appreciated having all the wedding details at their fingertips. It included how we met, how we got engaged, wedding day details, reception details, information on the bridal party, as well as registry info. I am now in the process of posting our wedding photos on the same site since everyone has the website address and can view the wedding whether they attended or were unable to. So, my opinion, from what we read, it's a new season and now perfectly ok to include website information in the response portion of your invitation.

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congratulations, newmrs!

I would caution people not to turn to wedding magazines for advice on these matters. Like vendors and stores, they are in business to make money. They have an incentive to give "advice" that will benefit their advertisers. Like the stores that tell you that it's fine to include registry information right in with your invitations, magazines don't care if you look pushy or greedy. Just because you read it in some bridal mags doesn't make it "perfectly ok," andcertainly not with every one of your invitees. Note that two of the five people who responded to the OP's post said that they would not include registry info on the web site, and two more said to make sure that it isn't prominent (and they didn't say that they would do it themselves), and all four of those said not to put the URL on the invitation itself. I'll say it yet again -- you can't send them all clippings from the magazines to prove that they aren't allowed to feel that way, because it's "perfectly ok."

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well, I work in the magazine industry, and I can tell you, NO editor I have ever worked with would tell a bride is was OK to put registry info in the invite. The editors would rely on etiquette experts for etiquette info, not advertisers.

A wedding magazine will include info how what to register for, in order to create an environment advertisers want to be in, but they're not going to go against every etiquette expert in order to make their advertisers happy.

Note the qualifier " ok to include a website for the purpose of responding to the invitation"

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Etiquette aside, if it can be put aside, I'm in favor of anything that gets people to respond, and quickly. We live in an electronic age and if guests want to use those means to RSVP, why put barriers in the way? We must have called 50 people to see if they were coming or not, so we could tell the caterer - and of course we had to chat with each of them - took forever.

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