Windsor Pinnacle Clad or WeatherShield with Prices

joallen001January 23, 2014

I have got two quotes on windows. Both companies come highly recommended so I trying to decide what would be the best window. They are fairly close in price too. I just listed one window from each quote since I will have 8 of these. I will have several windows and doors with transoms on the back of the house. Maybe the doors and transoms make a difference in the brand I choose? Hopefully these window details make sense to someone cause I have no idea what to look for!

Weathershield Signature$537
Signature Series Operating Code-Operating
Quantity: 8 Double Hung Tilt Exterior Frame Finish-Aluminum Clad
Total Jamb To Jamb: 31 1/2 X 71 1/2 Rectangle Exterior Sash Finish-Aluminum Clad
Total Rough Opening: 32 X 72 Product Configuration-Complete Unit Aluminum Paint Finish-AAMA 2603
Manufactured Date-7-30-2012 to Present Exterior Color-Craftsman Bronze
Product ID-8109 Overall Jamb Depth-4 9/16
Product Arrangement-1 Wide Jamb Liner Color-Tan
Sizing Method-Call Out Glass Type-Insulated Low E
Venting Frame Proportion-Even Glazing Bead Type-Colonial
Call Out Width-2-8 Gas-W/Inert Airspace Gas
Call Out Height-6-0 Lite Configuration-SDL W/GBG
Overall Jamb Width-31 1/2 Bar Width-7/8
Jamb Height-71 1/2 Interior Bar Profile-Colonial
R/O Width-32 Grille/SDL Location-All Sash
Overall R/O Width-32 Number Lites Wide-3
R/O Height-72 Number Lites High Top-2
Top Glass Width-26 Number Lites Wide GL 2-3
Top Glass Height-31 11/16 Number Lites High Bottom-2
Bottom Glass Width-26 Hardware Color-Tan
Bottom Glass Height-31 11/16 Screen-Full Screen
Egress Unit-Yes Screen Color-Craftsman Bronze

Windsor Pinnacle $443.63
Pinnacle Clad Ivory Double Hung 2832-1 Complete Unit LoE 366 IG 4-9/16 Jamb Ext
(Room ID: Unit A Frt,Br2)(Setup (Standard))(Glass Stop Profile: Ogee (Standard))(Callout:
2-8 x 5-10)(Pine)(Beige Jambliner)(Champagne Hardware)(No Brickmould)(Applied
Installation Straps)(7/8" Standard WDL w/o Inner Bar)(Colonial 2W1H/2W1H)(Ivory Screen
- Not Applied)(BetterVue)(R-PG35-H) Performance Data:(U-Value: 0.33)(SHGC: 0.18)(VT:
0.41)(CR: 57)(AL: 0.19)

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Keep looking as neither are very good in my opinion.

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Those are 10 yr throw away windows. If that is what you are looking for, proceed. If not, re-evaluate your options. If those price include installation I'd definitely reconsider the install companies that you are considering as well. A good wood clad product like Marvin or Kolbe will COST more than that to the dealer. There is a reason why.

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The total quote for all exterior windows was right at 20k. From the comments it looks like I better plan to spend way more. I don't want to spend 20k and throw them away in 10 years :(
I don't understand why all the 300-500k homes are putting these windows in if the won't last. The dealer that sells Windsor also carries herd and lowen but she recommends the Windsor.

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Loewen is the best of those 3 by a mile IMO.
The reason that those windows are so common in new construction is because NOBODY researches windows when they are building a home. They figure that they are energy star rated, and they remember that their old house had wood windows that were 80 yrs old, so they figure that they can expect the same, right? Wrong. New wood windows are not made with that same old growth wood, so it is imperative to find a well engineered product (and maintain it) if you want it to last. Choosing windows isn't nearly as fun or glamorous as granite countertop colors, cabinet hardware, etc., so it is far too often ignored... That is until 10 yrs later when they are falling apart and leaking air like a sieve.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Another vote for Loewen of that group.

HomeSealed advice is 100% correct as well.

When kitchens and baths sell are an afterthought.

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What kind of increase in price should I expect for the Loewen? I just did a google search and there is a Marvin dealer in Huntsville AL which is close by. I am not sure I can afford to pay for Marvin's though.

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@joallen001 - I beg to differ with the others. If you look at the warranties, Windsor's is the same as Marvin, Andersen, etc, which is 20/10 Limited Warranty: 20 years on glass/10 years on workmanship and materials. I have both Marvin and Windsor wood/clad double hung in my house, and it's the Marvin's that have condensation build up in winter. The Windsor Pinnacles have been performing outstandingly.

To the touch, the glass in the Windsor windows in winter feels slightly warmer too -- I am confident it's due to the fact that they use a foam spacer instead of metal.

A window is only as good as its installation. Make sure you select your installer carefully and follow the care and use guide after installation.

(and no, I am not employed by Windsor).

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I appreciate your input lumberjoe. How long have these windows been installed? I also generally prefer a composite glass spacer, although the stainless systems being used now offer similar performance and durability. It sounds like you are probably comparing apples to oranges in terms of glass packages, and regarding condensation, that can vary dramatically by location in the house and many other factors, so I'm not sure that is a great factor to compare. It is also worth noting that an extremely loose and leaky window can simply allow that moisture to escape rather than condensing on the glass. I can't speak for others, but I have no strong bias for or against any one product or material (I sell and install several options), however in my 20+ years of experiences in and around this business, I see an astronomically higher failure rate of Windsor windows in comparison to Marvin or Loewen. There is a reason for the price difference... One could perhaps say that you pay a premium for name recognition with the Marvin (which may have some truth), but certainly the same cannot be said for Loewen. Its simply a better built and designed product in my experience.... Take it for what its worth ;)

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Thank you for the comments. Windows are such a difficult decision! I am gonna get a price on the Loewen to see how they compare.

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Loewen is the best of what you have listed. I know the Loewen dealer in Huntsville. Loewen makes really good stuff, but its pricey. Burt Dale owns the Marvin distributorship in Huntsville and he is also pricey. Pella in you market use to be Frank Day, but he sold out to a company in Indiana I think. Rumor has it, they are a train wreck.

The Loewen dealer in your market is relatively new. Loewen practically pulled out of there when the market went bad. The current dealer runs pretty lean and I doubt they will have nearly as much of a mark-up as Marvin (Dale inc).

Windsor is not a quality product. Its mid-level builder grade. The sales rep is pushing it for a reason. Could be they get higher margin/commission. Could be the manufacture is paying a spiff directly to the sales rep (not uncommon).

Weather Shield use to be a good product when the old man was still running it. His sons took over and pretty much gutted the quality control. When Ed Schield still ran it, they made good stuff. I think Ed is still alive but not active in the day to day operations.

Give Loewen a call. I would use them on my projects, but they are made in Canada and if I need parts this time of year I'm pretty much out of luck until they thaw out. I they had planned on building a plant/warehouse in South Carolina before the recession hit just to address the issue of weather delays and service, but I don't know if that ever happened.

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Which dealer do recommend for the Loewen windows? Looking more like my best bet is to go with Loewen. I can contact Marvin also but seems some are convinced Loewen is better than the Marvin's..

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I got a price on Marvin integrity today and it looks like I may be able to work it into my budget. So now I guess the question is for Marvin or Loewen windows?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Which did you like better?

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I actually have not looked at either of them in per so yet. I just made a phone call yesterday to see how much higher marvin was. I am still waiting on prices for Loewen as well. So I am guessing either of the two will be ok. Whatever I like better?

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Windows on Washington Ltd


both are great examples of quality windows.

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I got pricing on the Loewen today. Looks like they are just a little higher than the Marvin integrity. But the Loewen is a little cheaper than the Marvin Ultimate so I am not sure if I am comparing apples to apples. For example the price on a 2'8x6'0 is

Marvin integrity is $550
Marvin ultimate is $790
Loewen is $653

Also my designer/architect recommends windows have brick-mold and attach hinged shutters to that, but my builder recommends hardi (or similar) around the window and attach shutters to that? I am a little concerned if I will have issues later on if holes are drilled into the brick-mold of a window. At the same time it seems hardi around the windows would be more maintenance (painting, caulking)

Here is a pic showing the style of the home and how the shutters look. Pretty sure these windows in the picture do not have brick-mold

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I would go with Lowen over Integrity or Ultimate DH.

If you are going with Clad then just get the window without the brickmould. Apply the BM after the windows are installed and mount the shutters to the Hardie material.

The factory applied aluminum brickmould is not thick enough to attach much to and its a total pain in the @$$ to replace if it were to get damaged. Its for looks only.

Hardie type material takes paint really well and can be easily replaced if needed for a lot less money.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

That Loewen price is aggressive for certain.

+1 on the aluminum brickmold being worthless if you are going to mount something to it. Don't bother.

Mount the shutter to the sheathing and if you want the hinged look, you can add some faux hinges.

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Sounds like using Hardie for the brick mold is my best route. Probably cheaper than the factory brick mold but a little more maintenance down the road. The hinges will be fully operable. Some people here leave a few closed on the side windows of there home. You all have been a great help. I am feeling better about my windows now!

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