When to have quintet to play?

lynbornmanMay 6, 2004

We have hired a quintet (2 violins, piano, harp and that big violin looking thing...I'm blanking on the name of it right now). Anyhow, the quintet is to play during the ceremony and for 2 hours at the reception. My question is should they play during the cocktail hour (actually 2hr) or during dinner? Cocktails are from 3-5 and dinner is at 5. I originally thought during the dinner. It is a fully served sit down semi-formal dinner. Would that be intrusive or would people like it? If we have them during the cocktail hour I fear that most people would be in the entrance to the hall where the bar is going to be and not actually in the dining room where the quintet would have to be. What have you guys seen done or plan to do?

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You are surely paying the quintet by the hour. Are they willing to sit out the two hours of the cocktail hour (which seems very long - most cocktail hours are 45 minutes to an hour max), or will you be charged for that time? Most groups play at more than one event per day, so if you take up their time for two hours while they do nothing, they may expect to be paid and that could increase your cost dramatically. It would be a good idea to check your contract and find out for sure.

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I'd have them during the cocktail hour. (If you're really going to have cocktails for two hours, be sure to have lots of chairs - that's a really long time, and people get tired.) My preference is for quiet (other than the din of people talking) during dinner.

Besides, I agree with Sweet Pea - if I were playing your wedding, I'd expect you to pay for all the time you used, including any breaks.

Good luck - it's tough to figure all this out.

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