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afrash12May 10, 2004

Three of my bridesmaids are wearing wine colored dresses, then my maid of honor and junior bridesmaid are wearing champagne colored dresses. I don't know what color shoes would look best. I really don't like the dyed shoe look, and I thought about maybe gold, but I can't decide. Any suggestions?

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I don't think gold would blend at all with champagne.

You might try these shoes from Chadwick's, which actually come in champagne.

Here is a link that might be useful: satin shoes

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I wouldn't go with a colored shoe since it probably wouldn't match exactly. I'm not a fan of dyed shoes either.

How about silver?

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how long are their dresses? Can you just go w/ black (or maybe black for the wine dresses and light brown for the champagne ones)? If their shoes won't show, no one will really notice them. I think silver won't look good w/ champagne.

Gold would be OK w/ wine AND w/ champagne.

I'm a big fan of just going w/ some sort of shoe the bridesmaid can buy anywhere--not matching, just basic.

No one looks at footwear anyway--unless it's flashy, like silver or gold.

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I think gold would look fine with both your colors. I wore gold shoes with my wedding dress and they were nice.

As long as they aren't big clunkers I think black would look fine too.

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I understand that you're not a fan of dyed shoes, but champagne with champagne and wine with the wine dresses would be a well pulled-together look. If the shoes are simple (tho not necessarily similar in design), they can often be purchased at PayLess or a similar store for a very good price. I wouldn't introduce another colour....unless there's gold of silver somewhere else...I just feel they'd stand out too much. Anyway..just MHO..;-)

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I agree with Glitter53. The shoes should match the colors of the dresses or be darker than them. To introduce gold or silver would make the shoes noticable and they shouldn't be - that's why the "rule" is that they match or are darker so they fade into the background.

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I think it is nice when the girls can select the shoes that they want. They are already wearing matching dresses - they don't need to have the same shoes. I think this is good because some people feel more comfortable in flats and not heels, and people also have various feet widths. What is good about letting them choose the shoes is that they can find something they may wear again. I think this works especially well when the girls are wearing long dresses, because most people won't even see the shoes!

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And then they could also wear a clear plastic strappy shoe.

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Deffinitelly matching shoes, your colors are not easy to match shoes for. I'd reccomend getting those matching dyeables form payless for like $40, and they can make it either match your dress or a shade darker...seems like that might be your best bet.

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Gold shoes? Hmmmm.....reminds me of Studio 54! I say, just let them wear their own shoes. Some may want to wear open toe, some pumps, some flats. It is hard to find a shoe all will like and find comfortable. I am also not a fan of dyed shoes - I think black is fine.

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If you really like your BM's let them wear black and any style they feel comfortable in!
Kathy G in MI

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I think that the dyed to match would look the most "pulled together" as Glitter said. If you're not a fan of the dyed look I think black would look great with the wine dresses but I don't think it would look as nice with the champagne colour. I think a tan or off-white would look fine with champagne though. And I don't think gold or silver would look good either...I think gold is too flashy for BM's and I don't think silver would go well with champagne.

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Black for the wine dresses and off-white for the champagne dress. No one pays any attention whatsoever to the shoes!

Andrea :o)

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