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texaswildJune 16, 2008

This is a Riana-technique wire mesh/concrete pot that LADY RONNIE's mom, Mary, made for me w/scraps she had after making her Garden Angel in the workshop. (BTW - LADY - why don't you post a picture of it - it's beautiful). I'm in a mosaicing slump, so you can see on the inside where I took off one of the black diamonds cuz the point was protruding, and I was in such a bad mood to find I was out of silicon to put it back, I just grouted over the spot and hope when I get a plant in it, it won't show!!!!! Since I'm out of silicon, I'll have to glue some beads on later around the edges of the points w/hangy down beads at each point. This pot had so much potential to be beautiful, but my slump shows on it a LOT. I need a shot of inspiration and energy.

Riana Method Cache Pot>/a>

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Well, I LIKE it...wish I could be this good when in a "slump"! I LOVE those bandana-esque shards and what are those silver/flowery etched looking oblong thingies...beads? They are cool! Once you get your other beads on and get a plant in it I bet you'll be happy with it....if not, my address is:.....LOL!

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very tribal looking... I too love that red shard, very cool.

hmmmm, what can you do for an inspiration... jump a plane and go play in Janeybo's art room! or take a seminar? somewhere...

redecorate a room? hmmmm

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Very Pretty (frustration and all!)! I think we've all been at that point - too many things that CAN be done, but none that catch our eye.

Keep plugging away, tho - with results like this it'll only get better and better!


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Well, I agree, I should be in such a slump!!

Don't know what to tell you for inspiration. There is SO much here

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Slow, I wish I had a tenth of the energy you have during a slump! All your things are fabulous~ Your album/art is such an inspiration to us all.
Heck, you deserve a bit of down time to just bask in your garden and just
admire all the work you've done!!

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Well if y'all don't beat the band!!! Thanks so much for your encouragement. It's Y'ALL that have the talent here. I just do my thing and y'all applaud. Makes me feel so good. CINDILOO - they are metal beads from HobLob. They're sold in small pkgs, but at Christmas time, I bought several long strands for $10 - much cheaper that way. NT - don't EVEN get me thinking of going out of town this time of year - a temptation - but the garden calls - have to hand water areas the sprinkler doesn't reach. I've just finished doing some re-decorating!!! Thanks y'all.

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Hey Slow, I agree with everyone here. I would LOVE to be in your slump. Every thing you touch says Queendom.

I LOVe the crown look with the bandana shards and your diamonds are great!

I'll have to find some of those metal beads, I love how this works.

Just take a deep breath and look back at your art through all of our eyes, and I bet you won't feel so slumpy. Take care

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MER: That is soooooo sweet of you. As mentioned in Fantasy Fish, the slump is slowly lifting cuz I finished those two projects that have been sitting on my worktable for weeks. I think I'm gonna recover. DD's bird bath bowl is next. Thanks for your sweet words.

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