Only Daughter Marries in three weeks

bluelouMay 16, 2006

I want to put together a bag that I will need the day of the wedding with aspirin, needle and thread, etc. I need all your ideas of what else I might need that day to keep the bride and groom and wedding party in tip top shape for any emergency that may arrive. Please give me your suggestions or what you had on hand the day your child got married. Thanks.

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Maybe antiperspirant, baby powder, pantyhose, bandaids, disposable razor, mouthwash, toothpaste and brush, comb, brush, hairspray, lip balm, sunscreen, clear nail polish, emery board, scissors, tissues, and maybe one of those new Tide sticks. I also like that spray that gets wrinkles out -- it works pretty well. Remember that you can return unused items to the store, or use them another time yourself.

I wouldn't worry too much, though. They aren't really any more likely to need anything than any other evening out.

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As a wedding coordinator I carry a bag like that to all of my weddings. The things that are most often needed are safety pins, needle and thread, and Scotch tape. I get occasional calls for duct tape and asperin. The primary problem requiring needle and thread is tuxedo buttons that come off.

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I was a MOB too! The A number one thing we used in our emergency kit was static guard! Shout wipes were pretty handy too.

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I have made "Mother of the Bride" survival kits for some of my friends. Most everything I included has been listed. I think the only other things I added were GasX, wine, an "Our Lady of Miracles" votive candle, stress relief aromatherapy oil and an energy bar.

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A few things to add to the basket is nail glue, nail files, benedryl or an ointment with hydrocortisone for hives.

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