I made it through the shower

MimiiMay 2, 2004

The gods must have a sense of humor....all of you who have been so patient with my venting over this wacky wedding should appreciate the event that was my day.

The shower was today; I woke up early so that I could go to the gym before leaving for the shower (hours away in another state); I was so tired that when I reached for my vitamins, I grabbed my headache medicine, took one, then realized what I'd done. Naturally, its meant only to be taken at night, becase it causes extreme drowsiness! Of course, that meant I couldn't drive, but I couldn't very well call and say that I wasn't going to make it to the showerbecause I had accidentally overmedicated myself! I had to recruit my sister to drive me to the shower, and sat through it feeling drunk.

In retrospect, that was probablly best- I was seated with a table of women I've never met, the youngest one in her 60's, the oldest 93(I'm 23)- and not one of them who wanted to talk to me. The bride came over to greet me, complemented me on my shawl, and promptly turned to her mother to complain that she (mom) should have purchased on as nice as mine for her (bride) instead of the tacky one she was wearing. (I couldn't help but agree, so I politely ignored the comment. )

I then was recruited to take pictures of the bride opening her gifts- except she didn't open them. Her bridesmaids opened them and handed them to her, and she stood with a microphone announcing what she'd received from each guest. She looked like she was trying to auction them off. Then she opened all the cards and announced whether they contained cash, a check, or a gift certificate- at least she refrained from announcing how much!

I can't wait to see what the wedding is going to be like. My BF is going to have to be very, very nice to me if he wants me to go!

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Mimii, of course you're going to go! We want all the juicy details! ;-) I enjoyed your tale of the shower...I've never heard of the b'maids opening the gifts and the bride standing there with a microphone! Yes....it would look like an auction! hahaha! That's just wrong....;-) Perhaps they felt it wouldn't take as long with others opening them.....ah...who knows?
Thanks for the story...we're looking forward to "the wedding story"!

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How many guests were invited? If she needed a microphone and help opening gifts, it sounds like she went overboard on the invites rather than keeping it to close friends and family. My condolences to you.

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I think the headache meds were a good idea...

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That is TOO funny!!! LOL

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man, what an experience, definitelly tell us hpw the wedding goes...lol.

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