Happy Fathers Day to all Dads

kknyJune 21, 2009

Yes, I did remind D to get dad a card. He is difficult to buy for, so he says they'll have lunch, which is fine by him.

It so easy to pick on teens. Their brains do not function as adults yet, and if they need a little reminding -- it doesnt mean they are bad people.

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While I was at the cemetary yesterday(first Fathers Day w/0 Dad) DH got call, Teen SS is coming to visit, no word from adult SS...So, Teen SS brain working really well, adult SS, not so much...Will spend the day composing hideous emails in my head, which I ll never send, but feel like he truly deserves to get....

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Dotz, I am sorry for your loss. My dad -- who was great -- died when I was young, and this is always a sad day for me. My sister and I are going out to cemetary Friday.

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The first days without them are the most intense.....sorry for your loss. Mother's day is a sad for me. Lost my mom at an early age.
Sk just called for my dh. Wished him well and all was content. My son is with fever, so we cant' go fishing for fathers day:( they stock the lake with trout...would have been fun.

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I see my dad just about every day at work and we're working together today. He told me he thinks 'Fathers Day' is a stupid holiday created by retailers. (along with Mothers Day) He said if kids want to honor their parents, they should do it every day, why make a holiday to buy a bunch of crap? I guess he's got a point. Nevertheless, I invited my siblings over to have a BBQ for Fathers Day. (and I still got him a card)

SD is with her dad this weekend and I am working both days so she gets him all to herself.

My DD is working and won't call her BD. She is trying to establish a stronger relationship with DH and got him a card and will probably do something nice for him.

My younger son hasn't decided if he will text his father. He hasn't spoken to him in a couple of weeks and they're at a stand off. He is also getting along much better with DH but probably not to the point of acknowledging him on Father's Day.

It's my older son's first Father's day and I'm very proud of how he has matured in his role as father. I had many concerns about his maturity and readiness to be a parent, but he has stepped up. I don't know if he will call his father today. The last I heard, his father had just been released from prison and was staying with a girl that didn't have a phone. That was several months ago, he doesn't talk about his father to me much.

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I've been reminding DD that father's day is this weekend. She did not buy anything, says she won't be calling, and since she is a strong-willed child who usually means what she says, probably won't call. The ex hasn't called her in over three months, but he sent me an email yesterday (first in about 3 months) to ask a lame question about visitation, which he already knows the answer to as we finalized arrangements months ago. The timing indicates to me that he is expecting a call for fathers day. Well I won't force her to call. There are several phones in the house; she knows its fathers day, and if she wants to call she needs only pick up one of the phones.

Happy fathers day to all the great dads out there!

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Dotz, I'm sorry for the loss of your Dad.
Do the boys/men know the fragile health of their father?

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The kids and I made breakfast in bed for DH complete with homemade cards and then we went to the pool for a few hours. I am making fried chicken (his fav) for dinner tonight. Called my dad and wished him happy father's day... he is visiting his mother since this is the first fathers day since my grandfather died. We wanted to go but finances are tight so no traveling right now. Dh called his dad because if he didnt he would never hear the end of it and called his stepfather who is more of a father to him than his dad ever was. We are all relaxing and enjoying each others company. All in all a great day.

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KKNY Maria, Misti, Oh, Thank you, much appeciated..SS came and he took us out to lunch with a new credit card LOL, was very cute, No I ll take care of this bill...Surprise, surprise SS number two called, told Dad he was IN CHURCH all day (but his Myspace says he was at a picnic)DH was happy for the call, so thats good, but I still rail at the lie, but happy if DH is happy for the call..Put a halo on your head good son...Misti, I dont think either one has a clue about the seriousness of dads illness, torn on telling, or not telling, my place , or not?

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I think his sons should be aware of the seriousness of their father's illness. I think your DH should tell them. If DH won't tell them, then I think it is your place to explain to your DH the reasoning & importance of why they should know that information. 1)It could be genetic & 2)Their outlook might change if they realized their days with Dad are now limited. Maybe not, but I'd hope so. I'd start there. Not that your DH will pass tomorrow, but say if he did pass in the next year, I wouldn't want a question in your head on whether you should have said something. You don't need to live with any regrets of not saying anything or questioning yourself.
I'm like you that way too. Whatever makes DH happy, makes me happy. Love that Halo. You're a good woman.

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sorry for all those who lost their fathers.

My dad's birthday is on father's day so we combined holidays. We did have a party for him yesterday. It was very nice out so we had a party in their backyard. My dad is hard to shop because he has so much stuff. I got him giftcard for a very fancy restaurant that he can take my mom, dress up and stuff, it also has life music and I think dancing area, my parents love to dance.

My dad is 72 and recently retired (well forced to retire) and went through period of sadness sitting home and feeling useless but now he is busy with gardening (vegetables and flowers), playing tennis, and fixing things around the house, he even took playing piano again but he has Dupuytren's disease in his hands so he can only play a little. But he actually seems happy staying home.

He worked for over 50 years, enough already.

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We had a lazy day at home and for once, did not host a big family get together. (Hubby and I are both tired of always being the ones to host *every single time* -- Yet no one else will step up to do it except Grandma, who's in her 80's and not in the best of health.)

Hubby's daughter and son-in-law called and had a nice long talk. Our son made Dad breakfast and washed the cars. I made him his favorite meal (pork chops). And his oldest son texted him because he was too embarrassed to talk on the phone. (A separate post)

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