June 12 Brides Checking in Again

penny_savMay 17, 2004

What is everyone up to this week?

My bridesmaid came down Saturday and we picked up her dress. It fits! Actually, it needs taken in just a tiny bit, but we were all so afraid it was going to be too small!

She helped me with decorating ideas, and we bought some needed things.

I organized my wedding mountain of boxes. I boxed up things that need to go to the church, things that need to go to the cake lady, things to go to the reception, and things for me to get dressed with. That helped a bunch! Now I actually know what is inside of all of those boxes!

Yesterday my FMIL and I made 82 favors. I pray we won't need that many!

My BM took the bubbles home with her. She is going to tie ribbons to the tops.

This morning I did the program design. Now I just have to purchase them thru the ebay seller, and print them up.

I also started on my placecards. I printed out 3 sheets of those.

Of the 120 invites I sent out, I'm still waiting for 44 response cards to come back! By the way, the deadline was May 12! ARGH!!!!

How is everyone doing with their planning?

Tomorrow FH and I go to the court house to pick up our marriage license! I can't wait!

Good luck with all of the planning.


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WOW!! I can't believe that you already are able to pick up your license!! We have to wait 10 days prior to the wedding. We went last week to get our blood test and just got the results back.

We put our announcement in the local papers this weekend.

We have received several response cards but are still waiting on some. Our response date isn't until May 26th!!

We made the reservations for the rehearsal dinner and set the menu yesterday.

Most of our boutineers and coursages have been made. We had to buy more flowers this weekend for the bouquets.

We have 3 favors--bubbles and bird seed for throwing and packets of flower seeds (daisies and bachelor buttons that have a saying on the back: "He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, WE TIED THE KNOT!!"

I got all of the wedding party gifts finished but now we have to find something for our parents.

It's getting close and I can't wait!!!


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Georgia passed a law July 1, 2003, no more blood tests! Yippee! And we can apply for license up to 90 days prior to the wedding. No waiting period. So, I have the license in my possession. When I start freaking out that I misplaced it, I hope someone reminds me that it is in the glove compartment of my car! LOL!

I was going to do the birdseed thing. I was saving thin plastic tubes from the hospital to fill. My BM reminded me that we planned to do the birdseed toss while leaving the church. I would be plucking birdseed out of my hair, my cleavage, and my teeth all evening long at the reception! LOL! So, she bought the bubbles for me. We also got to thinking about the heat and humidity in Georgia, and birdseed sticking to body parts. So, nothing will be tossed.

I love the saying on your flower seeds! That is so cute!

My boutineers and coursages have been done for months now. My flowers and the bouquets are finished, I am waiting for them to be shipped to me.

Things are faling into place. Now to find the money to pay for it all! ARGH!!!!


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Hey girls,

I've been busy working enough overtime so that I can take a WHOLE MONTH (WooHoo!!!) off from work (1 week before and 3 weeks after...) so I'm sorry I missed this post earlier!

We're trying to get everything ready at home. Gotta clean the carpets, get the guest rooms ready, clean out the fridge, etc...

Wedding wise, DF and brother are working on the "privacy screen" (to make our wall taller so people can't stare at the ceremony from the street! We don't have fences, we have ~4 ft tall concrete block walls... so we are building a lattice scren that will be decorated/painted white) as well as the arches (2 for the walkway from front to back yard and 1 for the ceremony).

I'm sewing the table runners, ceremony runner, and flags for the decorations (It's windy here most of the time and my fabric has this iridecense that is beautiful when it flaps in the wind, so I decided to make flags for the screen wall!) as well as maybe some curtains for the house (we don't really have any... I'll see how much time I have!)

My mom is making the boutineers and mother's corsages with silk flowers that we bought when I was in TX last month (they look real!)... Still going to have fresh flowers (hot pink/orange roses) for my and MOH's bouquets as well as the centerpieces and buffet tables... She is also making kissing balls with silk roses to hang from our trees as well as one for the flower girl.

That's it for this week - we sent out the newsletters on Monday and our RSVP date is next Monday (05/24). So far we've only gotten 4 back!! Oh, and we're worried because our mailbox (it's a community box) was broken into on Monday, so we don't know if anything was stolen!! The post office is supposed to be fixing/rekeying the box today!! (Scary!!)

Anyway, at this point, I am just trying to get through all of these hours at work so that I can get focused! That, and waiting for everyone/everything to show up from TX (half of my stuff is there!! LOL!!)

Oh, and we are going next Friday to get the license - CA doesn't require any blood tests or waiting periods... have 90 days, but we put it off (*shame on us* LOL!!)

It's getting close!!

Have fun these next 3 weeks!! :-)

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Oh, I forgot... we decided not to do birdseed (sounded painful to me! LOL!) But since we have these amazing rose bushes in our yard (at least 15 of them... I think more like 20!) we have been collecting petals as we prune(we have gallons of them! I think we'll be giving potpourri to everyone for Christmas! lol!!), so we are doing a combo toss - dried, fresh and silk petals mixed with the "designer" rice (Mom thinks it's nicer than regular rice and she wants to throw rice... :-) Anyway, we are going to put the mixture into sheer organza bags and have the guests do the toss during the recessional (we will also have a bubble machine in the background (I gotta have bubbles!!)


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I'm glad a few of you changed your minds about having bird seed thrown after your ceremony. Here is one bride that I bet wishes she didn't. What was that guest thinking of anyway!?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow, good luck to all of your June brides! I still can't believe my wedding is over...after all the planning and packing and stuff!

Penny, that organizing of things and boxing up what goes to church, reception etc, made me feel much better too! Trya nd double check your list and what's packed up a week or so before it goes so that you don't miss anything!

Yikes, still waiting on that many replies? Well, we were missing several on our deadline day too so my husband and I just called or emailed the missing parties to try and get a more accurate count. That worked pretty well and we were sure of all but about 5 invitees. Naturally things don't always go as planned...LOL and several had to cancel at the last minute but we were still within one plate of the total who attended when we gave our count to the caterer!

We used the bubbles and people had a lot of fun with them.

Again...good luck to all of you!!!! Come back and tell us how it went and show us some pictures! (Just got a call from our photographer and our proofs are in!)

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I guess I can include myself on this one, since we were going to be on the 12th, but on the 11th instead. lol

It's been really tough around here, wondering if we are even going to make this happen. Was classified as totally disabled and not ever going to be able to work again. So I have been off since March 26th, and we were really used to my check helping with things around here. My truck needed brakes done last week, which cost almost $800! The left front was metal to metal...and not once did my brake light come on indicating a problem...it just started making noise out of the blue. One of our groomsmen, tore the tendon on the back of his foot, 2 weeks ago. My uncle told me in January he would officiate the wedding, but I haven't heard from him, I have called, emailed and sent the invite with the RSVP. He lives in MI, so it's not like I can run over and see what's up. My photographer backed out on me and then said she's keeping the deposit since I changed from the 12th to the 11th, and she was a friend that was going to do this. I also had a friend that was going to DJ, that won't call me back either! SO I am looking for alternatives for that. I can't believe so much is going wrong, but that must be a sign that the marriage is going be last a lifetime and then some! 2 weeks is just so close and I have so much to do.
I hope that y'all are doing 100% better with your stuff than I am with mine. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Oh, also, out of 250 invites, we have only got about 56 RSVP's, so the food cost issue might not be so bad.

Hugs to y'all!
Jen in Texas

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