ProVia Storm Doors: Which line?

cruffJanuary 4, 2013

I am choosing new front and back storm doors and am ready to go with ProVia - spent a good long time with a local dealer today and was impressed with quality and options. For the back door, I'm going to use one of the flush, self-storing-screen doors with a dog door installed in the bottom panel. For the front door, I'll have a full-view door with plain glass. The decision is whether to go with the Decorator or Deluxe series for the full-view front door. For those of you familiar with ProVia, is there anything to choose between the lines for quality? Thanks!

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I can tell you ProVia is an excellent door. Glad you didn't taken the cheap way out and buy something from home depot or lowes.

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I recently had several provia storm doors installed. One set was for infreqently used french doors..that set was the deluxe series 3/4 view self storing with optional foam insulation fill and heavy duty kick panels..the self storing feature makes it very convenient to use and the options make them even sturdier for minimal extra cost..for the frequently used front door, I chose a provia spectrum series 3/4 looks nicer than the deluxe model and the built in retractable screen works important consideration if your door area is exposed to direct sunlight..unvented storm doors, like the one piece glass model, create heat build up which can damage some main entry doors..this can easily be addressed by getting a self storing or the nicer looking spectrum model..anyway they are all well built and worth the price premium..

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Thanks! I'm happy to hear you're happy with the quality. Did you get mortised hardware, and are you happy with your locks, handles, etc.?

On my house, the full-view door will be on a deep, shaded, north-facing porch, so direct exposure to sunlight isn't an issue on that one. For that door, I do want just a simple pane of glass to show off the historic-esque bungalow-style entry door (as soon as I choose one), and I don't need the ventilation for the room that door opens into as it has eight operable windows with screens!

The back door, however, is at the southwest corner of the house with very little shade, so heat buildup is an issue. I'll be sure to talk to the ProVia guy about whether that's an issue with the back entry door when he's here measuring next week. I am planning on a white-painted fiberglass door for the back entry door, so I imagine the heat will not be a problem, but I'll ask.

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no on the mortised hardware..went with standard black hardware on the deluxe's serviceable but doesn't appear to be any higher than big box store quality..the spectrum hardware was also standard but a step up in looks and came with a nice keyed deadbolt heat build up issues, I do recall reading warranty fine print on some door manufacturers website, can't recall which, that specifically voids their warranty if a storm door is to check the warranty on the door you plan to purchase..good luck with your purchase!!

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