Afternoon reception following ceremony...?

LuvnDaisiesMay 16, 2005

We're having a small ceremony (30-40 people) at a bed & breakfast with the reception immediately following at the same location. We're planning cake, punch and passed snacks. We're not planning on having dancing or alcohol since it'll be mainly close family, older relatives, children... Here is the question - Do we still have our first dance tho we're not dancing? Do we toast with punch? Any ideas or comments are greatly appreciated!


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Do whatever you'd like! You're just as married without dancing -- you don't have to have a "first dance" at a wedding reception to prove it. But if you want to dance, why not? Ditto toasts -- toast with punch or for that matter milk if you please, or skip toasts if you don't like them for some reason. You don't even have to decide in advance, for that matter. It's a small group, so you don't have to plan so much. You can choose just to do whatever feels right at the time.
Congratulations! Your plans sound lovely and romantic.

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I agree with Gellchom, as usual. It sounds like it will be a beautiful, intimate wedding.

Years ago, I attended a similar wedding of close friends, with a reception for maybe 25 people at a local restaurant. Although they didn't have dancing, they brought a boom box to the restaurant and did have a first dance. So if you want to dance, that's an option.

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if you don't want toasts only because of the alcohol, just have people make short speeches (which is all a toast is).

Or have champagne only, just for the toast (sparkling cider for the kids if you like), but no other alcohol. If you'd like.

It sounds really lovely!

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