Color for Mother of Bride and Groom's Mother

jmcaMay 12, 2006

My daughter's wedding colors are apple, white and black. I have bought a beige suit. Should I be wearing a color that would compliment the bridal party's or am I okay choosing a neutral color?

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Your choice sounds perfect!! Are you the MOB or MOG?? Both of mine are getting married this year & I picked a soft navy for both of them.

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I am the MOB.

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oops--you goofed! the MOG is supposed to "shut up and wear beige," LOL!

No, just kidding, you'll be fine.

The biggest thing is, the MOB and MOG shouldn't try to *match* the wedding party's colors, bcs they're not actually IN the wedding party.

They just need to pick a color that won't clash--either w/ the wedding party, or w/ each other. (bcs they'll be in lifetime-long pictures together)

After that, they get to pick something they look good in, and feel good wearing.

And the MOB is supposed to pick first, then politely let the MOG know what it is, so she can pick.

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I completely agree with Talley Sue -- just something that won't clash or look too "look-at-me!" flashy up there (e.g., cut down-to-there with big polka dots or stripes).

When I got married, my mother-in-law just couldn't or wouldn't catch on to this. The attendants were wearing a sort of cherry pink/red. No matter how many times anyone told her to where whatever color she wanted (my mom's dress was a very soft rose) she went so crazy trying to match the attendants' dresses EXACTLY that she even sent me a swatch. Then she obsessed over whether it was okay that her dress had a turquoise sash, whether it was inappropriate that there was white lace on the top, whether the fabric should be the same as my mom's dress -- etc. I think we goofed by trying to reassure her that it didn't matter, she should just choose something she loved, because I see now that she needed to feel like it WAS important what she wore.

jmca, I think you are doing exactly the right thing. Beige will be perfect, neither clashing with their (very refreshing) color scheme nor looking like you are trying to be a bridesmaid. If you look great in that outfit and love it, that's the one!

Congratulations to you all -- and to you, too, ogoopogo! What an exciting year!

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What color is apple? Is it red or apple green? Just curious.

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Who cares what the mother is wearing? It's the bride that everyone will be looking at!!! Diana

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"apple" is usually Granny Smith green

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In my area, when someone says they are wearing "apple" they mean a bright candy apple red.

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I went to a really beautiful wedding Sunday. The clothes made me think of this string.

The bride's dress was long and white and sparkly, with a long row of buttons down the back. I overheard her saying she was so glad she'd had the train removed. It certainly still looked like a wedding gown. The mothers both wore almost white -- the bride's mom in a silvery white long suit, and the groom's in a dressy street length cream outfit. The female attendants all wore navy shantung (except a flower girl neice in periwinkle), but no two the same style; each dress was appropriate for her shape and age (I imagine they were from a bridesmaid collection, as they all seemed to be the same fabric). The bride has three sisters and one brother-in-law, and they were her attendants (evidently equal -- not one "of honor"). The groom's attendants were his sister and brother-in-law. There were also four (male) groomsmen, and they stood on his side, too.

It wasn't symmetric, and it may seem untraditional, but it all looked just perfect.

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I cheated I took my dd with me and she helped me pick out my gown to wear at her wedding.I was happy, she was happy and we got to share afew hours together, and let me tell you we LOL the whole time. Our taste are so different. Newbie to this forum, glad I found it.Lots to know with up coming wedding and everyone has helped out with their post. Thanks bunches Micki

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What happened to the dates?
I know these responses are new, but they say 2006?...

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They are not new, they're old. However there WERE a bunch of new posts with discussion of the bride asking her mother to wear a specific dress... all those posts are missing.

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My dd picked my is not what I would have picked, but it's HER day, and I will suck it

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