WIP I have been busy

flagtruckJune 6, 2008

Here are a few photos of things I have been working on. The pot with the flowers is quite large and detailed, everything I have needs grout. I grouted this am and will go back soon and try to finish the pot of flowers. The pedestals I am making for birdhouses to sit atop.

You all show such beautiful work, FINISHED WORK, I still need a grouter.LOL.One item finished are the cattails..at least they are done. I seem to work awhile and pull weeds awhile. Carol

Here is a link that might be useful: yard & WIP

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Oh my back hurts looking at all that work! I'm too stunned to comment on all right now.. but want to volunteer as your grouter !!! Where do I sign up?
Everything is SO beautiful !

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Oh Flag, your use of color is so awe inspiring! WHEW! BEAUTIFUL!

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Wow, the colors are wonderful. You nip those plates so nice!! I'm looking at the flowers..very nice!

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WOW!!! AMAZING! I'm loving your pond too! I'm obsessed right now with getting a pond! But I'd rather come and grout for you any day!!!lol!

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oh sheesh, i posted a long note about how beautiful your gardens and work are.. and i lost it.. leave it to me, i am been in a major dropping, losing state of mind. anyway..

the flowers are so wonderful on that pot. however did you find all those different plates. they are wonderful.. and the cattails.. and the dragonfly and everything.. is so artistic and happy and peaceful.. you must love working in your garden now.

gorgeous work in design and cutting. you have been a very busy gal!! Love all of it, almost too much to take in, i will come back again and look at everything..

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Wow, Carol, all so gorgeous! How I wish I lived closer to you! I'm so sorry I missed getting to your house in March, maybe another road trip is in order!

(Where's SLOW? I miss you both!)

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OMG! I want to come to your next "How to perfectly nip plates" work shop!! So so so BEAUTIFUL!! Hope you find that grouter and post your finished pics soon!

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You are in inspiration! Where did you come up with the ideas for the cat tails? I love them! Our yard has what I call a "wild area," which we've actually very carefully planned to look like a park setting, and metal cat tails would look fantastic. As for mosaics, I LOOOOOVED your work! Fantastic, especially the frogs. I can't wait to see how they look grouted.

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Let's just have a grouting party here. Everyone that loves to grout is invited. In exchange I will hold a plate nipping seminar. I grouted a little yesterday on the pot of flowers,used charcoal and I think it is too dark, so I may scratch it out and do a lighter blue gray. I guess the reason I hate to grout so much is that I hate the stopping and mixing more and more. I wish I could just mix up a big batch and work it all in at one time, but I am too much of a perfectionist and I use a zip lock baggie and do it like icing working it in as I go.
Jenel, the cattails came from a gal near me that does metal sculpture, she does a lot of art shows during the fall and winter, then sells off her stuff that is left over so she can start new the next year. I went to her sale a couple years ago and bought the cattails, metal fish and two bunches of large elephant ear groups. I still have the fish and elephant ears to do. I have yet to decide what to do to the elephant ears. I will post them soon for suggestions..
thanks to all of you for your admiration and comments, I appreciate it. Makes me want to finish some things so I can post finished..lol It is hot today so I may work on grouting this afternoon, have to go pull weeds first.(my penance) so I don't feel guilty about playing with dishes too much.
I think Slow is in an overplanting slump! She bought plants all last weekend and now has to spend all her time hand watering! I don't know what she will do first, run out of money or out of yard!LOL I guess she is like me and wants to fill her yard with planting beds so there is less to mow.
Calamity, just take a field trip and sit at the pond with me and grout. If it wasn't so messy, I would move my grouting to the deck by the pond, so I could talk to the fish and grout at the same time/
Thanks again gals, you have enthused me again. You all are so talented and such an inspiration, that's why I love this forum so much.

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I'm alittle late but better late than never!
You do great stuff!
Your not too far, I could take a road trip!

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The door is always open to my home, yard and studio Fern. Bring it on...we can even make a side trip to Slow's. That is always fun.
Lady Ronnie, I wish ou and your Mom would pool all your strawberry money and make another road trip here. We could even invite Slow and she would be a blast here. It would be a lot of fun.
Thanks for the kudos all.

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Oh, I miss your yard. It looks stunning!!
Did you finish the big urn fountain??
I love your new pot. It seems more detailed than usual. Sure wish I could come visit again!

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OHGOODGRIEF! Glad I am taking the time to check in here today b/f going outside to pull weeds. Y'all. These pics just don't do justice to FLAG's wonderful Paradise Gardens, as I call them. Y'all would absolutely, positively enjoy a trip to see them. FLAG - as usual, you know how I'm sitting here drooling over your pictures. I'll be passing through your town next Sat. morn., so I might make time to stop by to drool over it in person. Why don't you teach one of your handy helpers to grout?

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Oh how I love what you've done on those pots!! Such a beautiful variety of china. I've never done a flower pot, this inspires me to stop collecting and start using! Can't wait to see it finished!

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Thanks SC and I hope you do stop collecting and start using. It seems that now I don't have time to collect so I must use.
Slow, you are always welcome here....bring it on! My helpers have all pooped out on me and Janice and I are doing the pond and yard all by ourselves. Does your handy man have any relatives looking for work?
I have halfway grouted the pot of flowers and am going out to finish it this am I hope. I will try to post some "Finished" pics soon. It just dawned on me that I have never posted a final pic of the backsplash in my kitchen, all of the pics I have on here are WIP. So, I must find time to do that also.
Thanks Y'all for all the compliments....Carol

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Oh Carol,I love all your new pieces ,that flowerpot is to die for.Sure wish I lived closer we could play together.Your yard was great when I saw it but your'd have to chase me with a bat to get me to leave now...it's a place to die for.

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Thanks Annie...wish you were here. We could just luxuriate amongst the hostas and koi..lol

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HA! My handyman left me - fickle man that he is. Looking for another one for DD and myself.

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The only handy man I have sleeps here but doesn't do yards LOl....say's he hates it and never will.

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Flag, I just keep going over and over the photos of that pot! What an inspiration you are! It is sooooo beautiful! I love all the different flower forms and placement. Wow, if I EVER learn to mosaic properly I hope someday to do something even half as beautiful. I am speechless. Fabulous, truly. And if you're grouting we'll get to see the fisnished piece soon. I can hardly wait. GREAT!

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