Planning Medieval Wedding For 25th Ann.

dailycollectorMay 4, 2007

We are planning to renew our wedding vows at the local Renaissance Festival for our 25th anniversary. When we got married, we didn't have a church wedding or anything; stopped at grocery store for bouquet on the way to the JP! So, we're excited about this! However, need some ideas for decorations at reception, and ceremony ideas. I'm so overwhelmed, I don't even know what questions to ask!!

We're in our 50's, so don't want frilly things young people are doing, yet want to make it memorable. He's scottish, I'm Irish, so will be incorporating our family crests/tartans into our clothes somehow and on cake. Ceremony will take place in Sept.

1. We would like to have a banner of our family crests. Should we have a banner showing both crests, his alone or combine both crests into one?

2. What decorations should we use at reception? (it will take place at a medieval banquet put on by the festival, so we will only have a section.)

3. For the cake, we were thinking of using a dragon figurine for the cake top, with small pieces of our tartans draped along sides. Would it be ok to have cupcakes instead of a large cake? There will only be about 20 people attending.

4. For favors, we were thinking of mini bottles of Scotch Whiskey Liqueur with our info on it (festival said it's ok). How do we display it? Any other ideas for favors or table decorations? We won't be using assigned seating. Only for us.

5. Any other suggestions?

Sorry for this being so long. As I said, I'm really overwhelmed and need some help!! Thanks!!

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Our Groom's Cake displayed the family crest of the groom for the rehearsal dinner dessert. Our local bakery did it. He loves chocolate, so it was a tiered chocolate cake, trimmed with chocolate sea shells too as the dinner was on a ship and the wedding would be on a bluff overlooking the ocean. The crest was hand sculpted by the baker on a thin slab of chocolate and propped on the top layer as if on an easel. I am not describing it well, but it did look so very nice. The cousin had had a sheet cake someone decorated garishly with a poor rendition of the crest, so we had to do the crest too for family tradition. Cupcakes are being done more and more these days. I think since this is a renewal of vows, I would do only the one crest. You have been his wife many years, and you are celebrating the marriage. For decorations in the midst of a restaurant, I would have some pretty, low floral centerpieces. We had darling centerpieces in mint juilep cups down the center of the tables. Bubble bowls or glass cubes would look great. If you can order some shamrocks, bells of Ireland, and purple thistles to be part of the floral arrangements, it would be so meaningful for your Scottish and Irish heritages. You could still put other flowers into the arrangements, but the shamrocks, Bells of Ireland and thistles, Scotland's national flower, would make it special.

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1. I think his crest would be the way to go. Adding yours makes it seem like a blending, but for a 25th anniversary you are past the blending of families idea. And with only using the one crest, you can really incorporate those colors in your decorating. Two crests increases the number of colors which can make things too busy pretty quick.

2. When I think of medieval decoration, big pillar candles come to mind. You could take large candles, maybe wrap them with some tartan and set them on (Irish) lace doilies or table runner. OR wrap the candles with lace and set them on a large runner of tartan.

3. If you have a dragon topper you like already, go for it. But I gotta say that a dragon screams Welsh to me. I think I would be careful about how you put the tartan on. Visually, you don't want it to appear that this dragon has devoured you, leaving only the plaid behind. Castle cake toppers are also available I think. If you have a figurine for a cake top, I assume you have a cake under the topper. With only needing to feed 20 people, I don't think you will need both that cake and cupcakes.

4. I'd just put a bit of plaid and/or lace tied to the neck of the bottles. You could maybe add a small card with the date and/or thank you and/or a small poem. You might check out the vendors at the ren faire. I suspect there are some sort of small celtic knotwork embelished nic-nacs or soaps or something.

5. Sounds like lots of fun. I might have to borrow your idea for my 25th!

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Wow! What great ideas!! Just reading them seemed to take a weight off my shoulders and give me some direction. I realize now, that I was trying to incorporate too much variety and it probably would end up looking gaudy. I never thought about the candles and the tartan runner. That would be simple, but elegant. And thanks for the flowers tip. I completely forgot about flowers!! Looks like I'll have to rethink the cake idea. I agree that trying to do a cake and cupcakes for only 20 people is a bit much. Plus, I never thought about the dragon bit! I knew you guys would come up with some great ideas and help me brainstorm!! Thanks so much!

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As a former SCA member, I'd say you should check with the organisers of the Renaissance Festival as to what they will allow, and suggestions as to what is suitable to blend in with the mediaeval feel of the banquet. It sounds like you have some info but maybe not all.

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I planned and coordinated a medieval wedding for a couple. They used a pewter dragon topper - two dragons in the shape of a heart. Their baker found candy molds in the shape of a griffin and fleur d'lis, which were part of each of their crests. She used the molds to create sugar decorations that she placed on the sides of the cake. They cut the cake with a dagger, which was really fun.

We had a harpist play for the ceremony, but a bagpiper would be perfect for yours.

We also served the meal family-style, which is in keeping with medieval meals.

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