little shrooms, DH's chair, and our storefront

ladyronnieJune 23, 2008

Here are a couple mushrooms I've made from leftover thinset, grout, and/or concrete. My first shrooms! :)

My DH made the bentwood chair during a self-imposed lull in the farmwork last week:

And here is what our berry farm storefront looks like right now:

Where the birdbath is sitting, I want to create a flowerbed for it to sit in the middle, one of these days!

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Oh, how DARLIN', LADY. I LOVE the scalloped shroom. And just look at that fabulous berry. LOVE the chair too - y'all are a very talented team, doncha know? Bed idea is great for that spot. I'm waiting for the mortar (grout) to dry on Shea's BB bowl.

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Thanks, Betty. I made that scalloped shroom by putting two layers of plastic wrap over the OUTSIDE bottom of a metal bowl, with the bowl sitting upside down. I put the thinset plopped on top, then kind of smoothed it down over the sides a bit but not too much, as the weight of it kept it sliding down a little. That's why the "scallops" are uneven, as it was thicker in some places than others. I do like it also, though I wish I hadn't put the glass globs around the bottom. I think they take away from the focus on the top. My 'pinion, 'course, and you know I have one! :)

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Cute, cute, cute 'shrooms! I like the globs on the scalloped one! That chair is awesome! The BB looks beautiful! Just a creative, talented, artistic couple, ain't ya?
Your store front looks like a nice place to sit and sip a cool glass of lemonade....ooops, strawberry lemonade!

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Looks so comfortable there, LOVE THAT BERRY!!!! great shrooms too chica!

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You two click well together!! Awesome berry and chair and I love those cute litle mushrooms. great use of excess grout etc.

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Just fantastic !!! Love the Store front... the
Berry Farm name & the Outstanding Berry are
GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT !!! I really enjoyed watching you finish it... DH's chair is just a
super Job... it really L@@Ks so cozy !!! it was
cool the way he found the wonderful curved sticks to
complete it !! ** The little mushrooms... what a clever put on the vases !!!
THNAKS for the COOL Pics !
and the instructions...
God Bless !

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Thanks for the kudos :)

Susie: DH didn't find curved sticks. We had a Bradford pear tree blow down in a recent storm (and another one last night in yet another storm) and he took green wood from it and bent them, hence the term "bent wood" furniture. He doesn't like the chair too much, but I really think it's neat, and looks good in front of the store.

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How super cute!! I am SO-o-o-o-o envious of your luck with the 'shrooms! They look wonderful with the chair your DH made, and perfect with your birdbath!


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I LOVE it all Roni!!
The store front looks so inviting and "down-home". Love the huge trees next to it. Perfect spot for enjoying some homemade strawberry ice cream!
The berry of course is the main attraction, but the shrooms are cute too.
And don't even get me started about that chair!!
If I lived close to you and had a truck.. you wouldn't have to worry about lookin' at it anymore!!

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Your store front looks so cute. The berry looks wonderful!!
Great job on the 'shrooms!

I bet SOMEONE will want to buy that chair - then DH will like it!!LOL

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Ronnie, love seeing the birdbath in it's home. It looks WONDERFUL! DH's chair looks great! Very handy, he is, huh? And your mushrooms are so cute.

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So Nice!!! I think those walls need a mosaic panel on each side of the door to bling it up!!!heh heh!!! The strawberry looks so lonely just blinging by himself!!! And tell DH we all just LOVE his awesome chair!!! Now about that bentwood bench....hee hee!!!! (I'm glad to hear that no trees were harmed in the making of this chair!)heh heh!

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I started to say the same thing as CALAM said re the panels flanking the door - and how about the overhead to tie them together? Oh, what's that you say - so little spare time - oh! OK - we'll wait a few weeks - don't rush into something today.

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You women!!! Like I don't have enough to do! It had NEVER occurred to me to do the sides (or top for that matter, or those spaces under the windows, now that I sit contemplating) until you said something. NOW what am I going to do? And to think I just laid out some measly little ole switchplates and outlet covers on the work table yesterday. WHAT was I THINKING???!


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And wouldn't mosaiced window boxes be cute, too?!!!

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Love that birdbath, tell DH the chair is perfect there, and of course those cute mushrooms add the perfect accent.
More pics when you do by the door please~ ;)

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