Andersen Storm Watch Vs Simonton Equivalent

AWP17January 26, 2012

I am about to break ground on a second floor addition on my house, Included in this remodel is replacement of my existing windows (as well as 15 new construction windows) on my house. I would like to use Andersen 400 series Casement Storm watch, tempered low4E sun smart glass. But my builder wants to use Simonton Hurricane Glass (with equivalent specs) and the main difference I can find is the simontons are vinyl and the anderson are wood with a vinyl exterior ( I think) I like that the Andersens are Solid core wood with the protective exterior as apposed to hollow vinyl. But my builder says that all I'm paying for really is the name. My house is only 20 years old so I feel standard replacement windows will be fine for existing windows. Any input would be very appreciated. I do live on the ocean front so hurricane impact glass is a must.

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BTW I'm from virginia beach VA if that helps.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Andersen 400 is a nice window but there are nicer units out there in the wood family of windows.

The "hollow" vinyl is quite well proven in storm applications and should suit you just fine.

Do you prefer the looks of one window over the other or were you just questioning whether or not the vinyl window was suitable and sturdy enough?

If the sturdy question was the primary motivation, I would worry in the least. I would also look at Simonton's Stormbreaker series if you really want a battle tested hurricane window.

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Ok good to know. I really dont care about the looks as the house has white painted wood windows currently so White vinyl wont be so bad. The benefit of simonton storm breakers is were lookinst about about 850 a window as apposed to 1500 a window for the new construction. and 650 a window as apposed to 1100 for the replacements. So If simonton stormbreaker is just as good as the anderson but the only difference is the wood than im perfectly happy going with simonton. Thanks!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Good luck.

Some would argue that the Simonton window is better.

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I would agree that Simonton is not only the better window but their customer service is much better. They also have a better reputation for honoring their warranty.

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