Gift Idea's - We barely know them

flyingmickeyMay 10, 2004

We are going to a wedding in several weeks.

It is my FIL's wife's daughter. We see them several times a year but don't really know them.

I'm looking for some interesting ideas that don't cost much. We are going with my SIL and BIL and together want to spent about $100.00

They do have a registry but all the cheaper items have been bought. I have never been to their home so I have no idea what their style is. I asked my FIL's wife but she tells me to look at the registry.

They are in their early thirties and have lived together for the past year.

We may just get them a gift certificate to Home Depot but I hate it when they know how much I spent.

Any ideas?

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Of course, if you buy from the registry, they know how much you spent, too.

Look on the registry for things that it never hurts to have *more* of -- like towels, sheets, etc. -- and go ahead and get some of them, even if they have already been "taken".

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Or look at the registry and see what that tells you. What style of china did they pick? What colors? Maybe you can find a serving piece that would look nice w/ it.

I bought a plum-colored glass serving bowl for a friend who'd chosen a fruit-and-leaves type of modern-lined china.

I bought floral placemats to go w/ a sage green dinnerware w/ curvy tendrils on the edges.

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I've always given a gorgeous mohair lap blanket for those occasions...perhaps a bit more than $100, but they do go on sale...and a good bottle of wine, a movie rental coupon, and they have a nice snuggly evening!
If they have a garden, then any number of tools and supplies would be great... a beautiful emboidered or traditional plain tablecloth and matching napkins is nice, as most people don't purchase that for themselves when they're starting out....and yes...I agree with both gals when they suggested to get 'ideas' from the registry. Match other useful items and goodness knows, just because they want that $300 queen sheet set, it doesn't mean they won't appreciate that $100 good quality white hotel-type set! A classic! Don't forget blankets! Give another in the colors of their room or a neutral...they'll need them for guests, too!

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I'm partial to art glass. Orrefors, Murano, or something I find at a gallery. I can get a good size bowl for around $100.

I probably wouldn't get this for a young couple, but it works well for an older couple who has most everything they need.

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By the way, I meant to post that I get these good prices on E-Bay, not in a store. If the bowl still has a box, I give it as-is. If not, I fill it with flowers or truffles and give it.

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