Eagle Windows?

chris11895January 28, 2012


I did some searching on this site and have read some of the posts on Eagle, but many were from older posts so I'm hoping to hear from some newer owners....


We're doing new construction and went window shopping today. Our home will have an antique feel (we're in MA) so we want simulated divided lite with 12 over 12 grille pattern and we prefer the look of the 5/8" grilles. We also want clad exterior, wood interior. Andersen doesn't do 5/8", only 3/4", Kolbe does 5/8", so do Marvin and Green Mountain (which we have in our current home).

So the distributor we visited today says "What about Eagle?", which we had never heard of before. He said Eagle would fit our style more than Andersen and gave us some background on the type of homes they're used in and how Andersen bought them, etc. Then for example pricing he said Eagle $650, Andersen $750, Kolbe $850, Marvin $950 and Green Mountain $1,050. We were immediately skeptical that it would be $100 less than Andersen, and that we hadn't heard of them. They didn't have any displays on site, but said they are getting them in 2-3 weeks. I immediately came home and searched GW and found some posts about leakage.

SO, my question is - has anyone installed Eagle in the past year and have the leakage issues been remedied since Andersen took over? What's the overall quality of these windows? How do they compare to Marvin? Any input or thoughts in general are greatly appreciated!


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Windows on Washington

Eagle is a division of Andersen.

I think you will find Marvin has a much more proven track record when it comes to wood.

Have you considered the Integrity series from Marvin. You should be able to get the SDL option and a real wood interior as well.

Inline also makes a fiberglass window with a real wood interior and it will outperform all of the wood units you listed.

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