cute place card idea

gellchomMay 31, 2004

We went to a lovely wedding last night. One of the things I liked was the place cards. They were in little envelopes, although you could skip that. Inside was a little photo of the couple (not in wedding clothes, just standing in front of a building at school or something) holding a card with a number on it. It was easy to figure out that that was your table number. I guess they just did as many snapshots as they had tables, then put it on a computer and printed out as many as they needed. Probably was cheap and we liked it -- cute but not cutesy, you know?

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Wow! Now that required some thought! How wonderful! ;-D

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that was a cute idea!

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For 'placecards' for my son's wedding, I painted smooth, palm-sized stones with the names of each couple. The colors were from the invitations. The table numbers were written on stickers so they could be removed. Everyone loved their additional little token remembrance of our Garden Wedding.

The final result is the Walt & Dianne one--it has the irridescent glitter flower centers and has been sprayed with glossy polyurethane. It's quite white, I don't know why it's showing up with the yellow cast.

On the back of each stone is a stamp that reads-- . . . and they lived happily ever after.

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Wow! Those are fantastic! You are very talented (and dedicated -- I am sure this took quite a while). I would love to be a guest at a wedding with such lovely details.

Stickers were a great idea -- not only does removing the number make a nicer souvenir, there are often last-minute changes to tables when someone must cancel at the last minute.

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