My Plate Collection - So Far ...

bluestarrgalleryJune 8, 2008

Here is my plate collection from the local thrift stores so far. Are these the type of plates I should be looking for?

See the plate with the purple flower design, do you think I can take a wet saw and saw around it to keep the floral portion intact? Or is it best to cut like advised in the tutorials on line? (I forgot we had a wet saw for when we remodeled our bathrooms and put in the slate floor in our living room). I might be putting it to some more use now.

Also see the green cup and saucers with plastic wrap on them - the back says Golden Apricot, Haeng Nam Sa, Korea - you don't think they are valuable or anything do you? I've never seen Korean porcelain only Japanese. They have gold trim on the rims. I would hate to cut them up and put them in a mosaic and have the Antique's Roadshow say I blew it or something (I can only wish I would find something valuable Ha !)

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I think you have done great so far...I do not think you are looking at anything that can not be used, I am not sure about the Korean items, but they look pretty ordinary to me. If you want to use then, use is what you like that counts. Look at me, I bet I have already cut up many hundreds of dollars in Fiesta, including demitasse cups and saucers for my backsplash...and I mean to do my back porch and back wall of my house (if I live long enuf)lol. I also cut up some Dansk that I found on an auction, listed it on Ebay, it didn't sell, so it hit the saw. No guilt, I tried to sell it, but was not too horrified that it did not sell. Right now, I have two boxes full of Brockware of California. I will list it one more time and then it will hit the bricks. I cut some of mine, nip a lot of it and throw the rest at a tarp set up on the brick patio. Most of it I tumble in a small concrete mixer from Harbor freight. Then I sort it and put in in containers so I know what I
So start breaking and have lots of fun. I also do ceramics so I make a lot of my tiles to get the colors I want. My big urn is made from a lot of my homemade tiles. I think I remember that you also do ceramics? It is fun to make and break isn't it?

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I', with Falg. Look it up on ebay. If it looks like it sells give it one try..then all's fair!!!

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Great start on your plate collection! I'm with the rest, break it all, use it all! You can nip around and keep the purple flower center, or try your wet saw...I only have a ring saw, so I don't know if a wet saw can cut in all directions like the ring saw? Anyway...the most important part is to HAVE FUN!!!

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shrty411, I don't even know how to sell on ebay - too much trouble to learn, heck I'll just use them. I did look on the matching dinnerware site to see if anyone was looking for them and they aren't even listed. I'm going to have DH drag out wet saw out of storage and see what I can do with it next week some time.

cindiloo, what is a ring saw? cuts in a ring shape? wet saw only makes straight cuts. I did buy a coping saw - kind of like a small hacksaw blade.

flagtruck, I have two sets of porcelain dishes I don't use, but they are full set - they are both in storage too. One of them (Japanese) DH got for his mother (long since passed away) when he was in Vietnam. We don't use fancy dishware so they are just stored - real tempting. The other is a Mikasa set which is white with silver trim - haven't used it since the 1980's - I guess I could try to sell them on Craig's list.

I could kick myself, I saw a lazy susan at the thrift store and was wondering if that could be mosaiced and then I came home and saw on this site that someone has done several of them. I'll check back next to see if it is still there, but I bet not. I want to try something flat this next time. Like a mirror frame or one of those silver platters or perhaps a little table or something.

thanks for the advice.

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Oh, fun! Looking for plates is one of my MOST favorite activities. Almost any plate can be used depending on what you wish to do with them.

Since I like a particular overall look, I like to pick plates with an intricate overall design and not too much white. Then I almost always clip off all the extra white I can except what intrigal to the design. I also clip out pieces I want to keep whole (like your floral centers) with my Lipponit nippers.

Here's a link to my birdhouses to see what I end up with. There's even one pic of a box of plates that I've found especially wonderful to play with so you can see what I'm talking about.

Just break some and have fun with a project or two. You'll find out what works best for you! Hmmmmmm, I love all those green pieces of yours together. I could sure have some fun with those. I can hardly wait to see some pictures of your projects!

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daisyme, your birdhouse vignettes are so cute, each and every one. And the names you give them, how creative. I can't even see any grout lines in your birdhouses they are so close together - wonderful work.

Those dishes are to die for - what a beautiful color they are - almost a raspberry. I forgot to post 4 just plain medium green plates I got too. I was thinking I might do a background with green and then have a few splashes of the color to see how that looks. I am working on a few ideas in my mind. I think a table top would be great - I am sure I will find something.

Thanks for the inspiration and help.

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whew, sorry about the typing!! LOL

Didn't see anything on your korean plates either.

I did some lazy susans as have others, a search should bring them up. Here's a link to mine.

A ring saw allows you to cut shapes rather than just straight. You can goggle it and there is info on those sites that sell them

Here is a link that might be useful: lazy susan

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I too have done a couple of lazy susans, I really enjoyed it too.
I love those scalloped plates! I don't have anything but knippers and such so when I cut the plates I used the scalloped edged on tables I was working on.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Springville, I'm glad you enjoyed a tour. I do fill in every imaginable hole and don't grout over because of the stones and wood I use.

Maria, what a stunning glass lazy susan. WOW!!

And Texasfern, I'm like you and only own nippers. They're fun. I just loved your scalloped edges!

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