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bsnifflesMay 16, 2006

Hello everyone. I need some suggestions. During the ceremony, i am going to present my mom and grandmother w/a carnation. I also would like to do the same for 3 very special friends. I'm not going to make any speeches, just turn and give them one, as a surprise. Any ideas on how to do this? Is giving flowers to 5 people too much? I definately want to somehow recognize these 5 people during my ceremony, but didn't know what else to do other than the flowers. Also, since it's an outdoor ceremony i was thinking of having the guest book at the reception instead of the ceremony.it's a small ceremony, w/only about 20 or so people, so i wanted to have them use a whole page per person, verses just writing their name and thats it. Like maybe writing a short memory or advice, something more personal than a name. how do i go about asking them to do this instead of just a name? i tried to make up a short poem asking this but can't come up w/anything funny or neat. any ideas would be helpful. Thanks guys!

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It is common to give flowers when you first walk down the aisle. You stop at the end of the aisle and give each mother a flower. Since you want to include your friends, they would get theirs first, as you walk past them. You could also do it during the ceremony if you find an appropriate time to do so.

Having the guest book at the reception only is a great idea.

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The only way I can think of to let people know that they each are to write a whole page in the book is to put a name (or perhaps the name of a couple or family) at the top of each separate page. Maybe when you thank everyone for coming (like when you give a toast or something) at the reception, you could say that you hope everyone gets a chance to write you some special words of advice in the book at some point during the evening. Don't feel too bad if not everyone does it -- some people don't feel comfortable. But you will love the things that people do write.

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You are inviting 20 people to the wedding. Assuming 10 of those are women, you plan to give a special presentation - without comment - to 1/2 of them. This might make some wonder what they had done or not done to be excluded from the flower recieving group. Yea, Mom and Grandma probably don't need explanation. They have a very defined special position. But the other three won't. I think I would opt to suprise them with corsages before the wedding. This will give them the special recongition and give you a few moments to personally pin on the flowers and explain how wonderful they are. Oooh good photo op too! You can do this fairly privately which may set better with the others.

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ok..i have a plan..as for the flowers for my mom and grandma, i am going to buy a silk rose for each of them (in the color lavendar, my wedding color)and on the rose petals i am going to take a black permanent marker and write our names and wedding date on the left hand side, and on the right hand side, i am going to write a special message, such as we love you. as for the other 3, i will do the same, only a different message.
duckie, i understand your point, but the other 5 people are not close family members, nor have they offered to help in any way, so i really dont believe they will be offended. the other 3 who are getting the flowers have helped me emotionally over the years, and have been there for me during difficult times.
gellchom, great idea...thank you!
sweetpea10, thanks for the support!

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You might also consider sending these people a nice note telling them how important they are to you shortly before or after the wedding instead of distributing flowers during the ceremony. It sounds like you are starting to have a lot of extras: butterflies, a memory book, this thing with the flowers. I'm worried you are going to try to incorporate too many things and wear yourself out getting everything there and keeping it all straight on the wedding day, and you want to avoid it seeming gimmick-y. Believe me -- your day will be wonderful and special without looking for things to add.

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I went to a reception where the bride had the guest book and on the table beside it was a picture frame,beautiful glass bowl,pens and small colored pieces of paper. In the frame was a message to please write a personnel message,give your best advice to the couple then put in glass bowl. I thought this was very nice. The bride is a big scrapbook person. The paper was in different shades of color that matched her wedding colors.

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gellchom, you're right..thanks for pointing that out to me, i was so stressed that i wasn't thinking clearly. we recently came back from a much needed vacation, and i feel soooo much better. duckie, great idea...nora8, love that idea too. we decided to put the wedding off until august 19 of this year, as my cousin got married only 2 weeks before my scheduled date, 2 weddings in 1 family w/in 2 weeks is cutting it a bit close. plus it gives me more time to prepare final arrangements w/out all the last minute stress. thanks guys, to you all for your help. did i mention that john sines jr is going to play his guitar and sing "when i said i do", by clint black, at the wedding? he has opened for traviss tritt, montgomery gentry, george jones, and others. he was well on his way to being a big country star then crossed over to country gospel music. he wrote/sang "the black #3", a tribute for nascar driver dale earnhardt, sr, after his death. i am so excited about him singing/playing at my wedding. he's going to provide the ceremony music as well. once again, thanks to you all.

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