Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

Calamity_JJune 5, 2010

Just bought this cement boot and decided it needed a roof!ha! I love the detail so will maybe only add some mosaic detail: windows/shutters/door/mosaic patio/etc... And also scored this awesome plexiglass tube for free from a gal who works at the Recycling depot I used to work at, it came into the thrift store and when she saw me she decided she didn't need a bong, that it would be better used as a "Jane Creation"!lol! I was just mentioning how I love Slow's Flower Fence and want to make one too and then this comes into my life!!! Amazing! So it looks like 2 new garden beds now....ha! But really fun projects...(I may use the flower I mosaiced recently for the top of this tube....)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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How cute! It needs some children hanging out of it, LOL

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Oh Jane you are just too much!!! It is perfect with a roof...but agree you must have the children!!! Oh and maybe the old woman...

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Oh MY!!! You are really a lucky ducky to score that tube, and I LOVE the boot and roof. You do the most interesting things w/the stuff you pick up.

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Redid the roof for the shoe/boot, made one bigger, looks better now, and was thinking about that tube, am gonna dremel some slots for 1/4 inch glass(cut like leaves) to be mosaiced...THEN mosaic the stem green and put a ropelight in it to light it all up!!! Just gotta make a base, probably use wire mesh so I can add a hole for electrical plug...oh ya, this is gonna be cool! But HAVE to get some wood projects out of the way cuz it's all sitting in the middle of the lawn and DH is looking at it like firewood!ha! So have a zillion projects to get done!ha!

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