Ply Gem Pro 200 cost and buyer's remorse

mrbb008January 4, 2013

I got a quote yesterday and got sold on signing the contract for new windows. They are Ply Gem Pro 200 triple pane. I'm getting a little bit of buyer's remorse because I did not have all my research done and we didn't get any other bids before we signed on. Good job sales people! ;-) So while I'm still in my 3 day window to cancel the contract I'd like to ask your opinion on my deal. The cost is installed. I'm in California.

Windows: Ply Gem Pro 200 triple pane, single hung or slide
Cost: $11,000
Number of windows: 18
Total sq ft of windows: 285
That's about $41 per sq/ft.

What do you think? And what is your opinion on Ply Gem? I've been reading reviews and it seems that they are average.

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I am not familiar with Ply-Gems west coast offerings. The price may be good or bad depending on all options and full installation details. I would take the time to get some more bids and wait till you are comfortable.

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That's about 610 per window and about average for a decent window with triple pane.. A higher end vinyl window would cost a bit more than an average window such as plygem. I am assuming this is a very basic install.

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One last thing, adding krypton gas rather than argon would add much more.

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@mmarse1, thanks for your response. The install was described as they would do everything. Take old windows out and away and put new ones, paint if needed. So basically I would not do anything.

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Windows on Washington

I am in both camps here.

I agree with mmarse that anything in terms of a decent window in triple pane and installed is a good deal at or around $600 (assuming that the contractor knows their craft and will do a good job).

I also agree with todd that you should not feel uncomfortable with your decision in any capacity and if you wind up landing back with this contractor, you will have done your research and just delayed the process slightly. I am sure they will still want your business.

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Thank you all for your opinion. I went ahead and cancelled the contract and will educate/shop some more.

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Windows on Washington

You may find that you first quote was the best but at least you will feel good about your decision and moving forward.

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mrbb008, a wise decision, I must say. Btw, don't forget to read their warranty - no matter who they are! Ply Gem's west warranty doesn't help the buyer as much as it protects the seller. Caveat Emptor

Here is a link that might be useful: Ply Gem West Warranty

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Looks like a tyical warranty.The main thing about warranties is how well the company stands behind it. The other thing is to choose a window that is built well enough and would never have to use it.

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The best warranty is the one you never use. Thats why you invest in a quality window.

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+1 to the above two posts. Windows are no different than any other consumer product. The warranty gives protection to the customer, but most certainly will have some limitations to protect the best interest of the manufacturer. That is just the the way it is, as sure as the sky is blue.
Regarding the product in question, be careful in researching the Plygem offerings. Most of the info that you'll find across the web is regarding the product that they offer in the eastern and midwest region. Out west, it is completely different. I can't comment on that particular product simply because I'm not familiar with it, but perhaps someone from your region will weigh in on that. There are a couple of Califonia guys floating around here somewhere ;) ... In fact, at the risk of creating a redundant thread, you might create a second one and put California in the subject for a better response.

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EXTREMELY poor customer service with Ply Gem. We had to constantly follow up with these people. My opinion, steer clear of this manufacturer.
If you have problems down the road, you will regret purchasing Ply Gem.

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I don't have any personal experience with this product but my impression from seeing them at the International Builders Show was that their Vinyl line looked okay but their wood/clad products were subpar. My opinion only. Also being in California, unless you're in the mountain regions I don't see a great need for triple pane, especially with slider or single hung windows that don't perform as well as casements, but as the customer you get what you want. I'd look into Integrity fiberglass, they're represented well in California and have rarely ever seen a problem with them.

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To me plygem make a low quality vinyl offering. I could not recommend them.. There are plenty of high end vinyl offerings; Okna, Himark, Sunrise,
Soft lite, and gorell to name a few.

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