Rehearsal Dinner II

ginnierMay 12, 2008

Thanks for all the posts about doing the's cool to hear what you have done for your RD's. The kids want to do a sit down dinner at a restaurant. They are doing this wedding mostly on their own, so they don't want to prepare all the food on the eve of the Big Day. So I guess I just need to find a place that'll seat all 60 or 70 of us. We were leaning towards a restaurant since the atmosphere would already "be there" and then we wouldn't have to decorate as much. I should ask the kids if their caterer for the reception meal would do their RD too...hmmm...

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I wouldn't use the same caterer for the RD as the reception unless they can create two very different menus. Otherwise, those attending the RD will be served a similar type of food the next day. It is more fun to have different menus and to try out the specialties in the area.

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That said, maybe the caterer would have a suggestion.

Or the folks at the ceremony venue/church.

Heck, even the florist or photographer.

You *do* have access to a temporary network of folks; ask their advice.

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I think a restaurant is a good idea for this size group, though, especially if you can rent a separate room (or the whole place). It makes it even more different from the wedding reception. And I agree that using a restaurant means that the decorations are already in place; you can add simple centerpieces if you wish, but you don't have to decorate the room. Maybe you can find one that specializes in the local cuisine or music, or is in a fun district.

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