Anniversary Party Favor Ideas...

DanzLiLBabyAngelMay 29, 2004

My 1 year anniversary is Monday, we are having a party the following week, June 6th. What are some cute do it yourself favors I can do? Any ideas? I am doing candy bar wrappers, but want something more favorish if you know what I mean...

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In keeping with the paper theme: paper favour cards with seeds imbedded for planting; folding paper fans or paper paddle fans (useful for the up-coming summer!); lovely note-pads; packets of herbal seeds and a pot to plant them in, all tied together. I'm not sure if this is the season to find them, but bulbs for growing "PaperWhites" would be charming! You can do a Google search for the above items and I'm sure you'll come up with tons of places to purchase them! Some garden centres would likely have the embedded papers, also! HTH!

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We had paper bookmarks at our wedding... they might be appropriate for a 'paper' anniversary. You could choose a sentiment to print on them or a poem etc. If anyone you know does calligraphy they could be entirely handmade, or you could print them on a computer. Most craft stores would carry ribbon for tassles and a hole punch is all you'd need for construction.

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