what do I wear?

cindyg1May 23, 2005

Hi everyone,

We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary on June 25th. I'm planning an outdoor picnic/barbeque with friends and family. Invitations have gone out and specifically state that dress is summer picnic casual. But, we will have a small ceremony of some sort (something like a vow renewal but more a celebration of our 25 years together). I'd like to wear something special (not a really formal dress) for this, but haven't figured out what. Suggestions?

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How about a pretty sun dress? You could change into slacks later if you want.

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I agree with Sweet Pea. Wear a sun dress, or almost any pretty summer dress.

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Right, just go shopping and find what looks and feels great on you. Maybe we aren't understanding the question. Do you mean should you wear a veil or a wedding gown? If so, I'd say no. White? Sure, if you want, but any color or print is fine.

I think that if you wear flowers -- corsage, in your hair, on your wrist -- that might give you the "special" you are looking for.

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I'm thinking now that I'll wear off white capri's and a matching take..with some sort of lace jacket or duster. I can wear the jacket/duster for the ceremony and just remove it the rest of the time!

What do you think?

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Sounds great! Have fun.

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