Open House to sell our wares

silvamaeJune 10, 2013

This will be the third one ... needless to say, I am scrambling.

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Wow! You go Girl!!! I have been asked lately, if I sell stuff, but haven't even made anything in sooo long, I am hoping my trip to Slowmedown's will give me the inspiration again!

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The Open House was a roaring success! I am overwhelmed at the response. We sold lots of items -- loading the van afterward was easy -- my silk thread paintings were among the first to go, along with the garden stones. I made some wonderful new friends. I am now re-inspired to make more stuff ..... I took Artemis, mosaic torso warrior woman with me, riding in the front passenger seat; priced at $1,200, and she didn't sell, but was admired by all, so she rode back home with me. I'm so attached to her, I really want to keep her anyway. So I'm going to keep the momentum going!

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Hurrrrrrraaaaaaaay for you. How nice to see this, SILVA. I'm sure that made you feel pretty good. Keep up the momentum, for sure.

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Thank you, slow. I will do my best to keep the momentum going.

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that's fantastic!!!! glad it was so successful for you

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Congratulations! I knew those garden stones would sell well for you! What a great ego boost and I look forward to seeing a lot of new stuff from you! Will your next one be in the fall?

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Yes, probably in November, so I need to keep the momentum going and get some inventory built up!

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