Bottle cutters

mfbpaJune 23, 2013

Anyone here ever use a bottle cutter to cut bottles? I want to collect a bunch of colored bottoms for my wall.

If you have any suggestions on how to cut the bottom off or have used a bottle cutter, I'd like to hear from you please.


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I have used a couple different kinds. I currently have a G2 bottle cutter. It takes lots of practice and trial and error to do it well. I am still practicing! For bottoms-unless you want a fair amount, say an inch, of the side attached, you wont be happy. I cut them like that and nibble them down with nippers. It leaves a raggedy edge, but for embedding its fine. I would suggest a tile saw for giving you a nice clean edge for the bottoms. Ive seen lots of people do it that way and I would like to have one for that purpose.

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My husband researched a bit for me and found a Creators Bottle cutter and it got great reviews. I might give it a try. Now my mind is FULL of colored bottles, where I can get them (might go out in the night and go recycle picking), what to do with them, etc.... DH wants to know if my brian ever shut off!
I pinned (pinterest) a wall made of colored bottles, oh that's really cool! I had to start a new pin board just for the bottles!

Here is a link that might be useful: bottles

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I would not dream of cutting that many bottles w/o making a small investment - $60.00 - for a Harbor Freight tile saw. It cuts them perfectly, w/a fairly smooth edge.

You can order bottles from home wine making suppliers. I got two cases of blue wine bottles fairly inexpensively. Bud sells beer now in blue bottles. I don't drink Bud, but I might w/start just to get enough bottles.

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Hey Slo, Is there an attachment to hold and actually cut the bottle or are you just scoring it?
The you tube videos I watched are just scoring the bottle. then you heat the score with a candle and immerse in cold water. Some say you can just run under hot water then cold and it comes apart.
This one I mention below looks like it works pretty nice, plus you can cut the bottle into rings, some you can only cut the top off....
I need to stay focused huh? LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: creator bottle cutter

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I just found this "Instructable" for cutting bottles using a wet tile saw..... pretty cool.

What type of file do you like to use to get rid of any sharp edges?

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Cut a bottle with a wet tile saw

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I use a wet tile saw with a diamond blade for is amazing :)

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My wet saw has a 4" blade so I have to manually turn the bottles for a cut - not just score. I've cut the rings too, but didn't like the finish on the edges - they're dull - not shiny. I know there are those out there who use a polisher, but it wasn't worth all the work involved, so I didn't use the rings. The first method was waaaaay too slow for me. The edges are pretty smooth, using a wet saw, so no grinding was necessary.

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Hub went to Harbor Freight today and got me a tile saw, it was on sale AND he had a coupon!
I'm now wondering if it comes with a diamond blade? I have not had a chance to even look at the box. (I'm getting ready for my daughters destination wedding at the beach next week).

I also ordered myself a Creator Bottle Cutter, so now I have both pieces of equipment and can't wait to try them out. I was hoping to try out the wet saw on some cups.... and I have to go rummaging thursday night (recycle night) for wine, beer and soda bottles. I love a good hunt!

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recycle groups, ect. Post on facebook and ask your friends to help you collect. You really learn who your alcoholic friends are when you start collecting wine bottles! :)

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