What color bridesmaid shoes?

fluffybuttMay 15, 2012

Hello, I am the maid of honor in my friend's small wedding. It's actually going to be at my house in my backyard and basement. Ok, so I had planned on getting some dyed strappy sandal heels to go with my dark purple (lapis from David's Bridal) dress, but now I'm wondering if I should do silver instead? Are dyed shoes considered dated?

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Do whichever you want. Keep in mind that if you are going to be walking on the grass, that heels can sink down into the soil and be ruined. I would think that the dyed fabric would be more easily damanged too.

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I ended up finding some really pretty silver shoes that I just love! Thanks for the help, sheilajoyce.

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There are some clear plastic heel covers you can buy -- they were mentioned here - don't recall the name. But anyway, they just slip over your heels, giving you a bit more width so you won't 'spike' the grass with every step, and also keep your heels from getting ruined. Might be worth looking into --

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I have them and they do work great. They come with a little case, too, so they don't get your pocketbook dirty. The ones I have are called Sole Mates. But there are other brands, too, including new ones that weren't available when I bought mine, so there may be even better ones.

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silver would be best...

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