Is Soft-lite Elements still the way to go?

whaas_5aJanuary 19, 2010

Back when I was researching windows this past spring/summer Soft-lite Elements seem to offer one of the better quality vinyl windows for the price point.

Is this still the case or is there a better bang for the buck?

Milwaukee, WI

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Might want to take a look at Okna, Simonton and Gorell.

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Any particular model or package? Has anything changed in the last 6 months?

What I recall:
Simonton - a little over priced for what you get (per the dealers in my area)
Okna - not available in my area
Gorell - didn't like the bulky design

My price point was 550 for the Elements installed

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Windows on Washington Ltd

At $550 an opening...that is unheard of for an Elements window.

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You should be able to get the Simonton 5500/ Prism Platinum installed at your price point.

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Well I'm hoping there wasn't a huge price increase since spring/summer 09.

I originally had an order on board for Sunrise Restorations at that price point...did measurements and everything. 8 weeks later they cancelled the order....president called, said they made a mistake but I just didn't feel comfortable moving forward as this was the 1st phase...who knows what they would do on the 2nd phase. Pretty reputable company for the area too.

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What mistake did they make?

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Sales manager said they quoted too low...said I could pay more or cancel. President later called and said they made a mistake on the direction...I don't know what he planned to propose, maybe jus honoring the original price.

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If they had agreed to honor the original price, I wouldn't have had a problem with it. As you said, the company has a good reputation. The fact that the salesperson might have made a mistake doesn't indicate that the company will do a poor installation. Those are 2 different aspects and one doesn't automatically follow the other. I'd be willing to bet if you contact them and tell them you have decided to move forward with them, they would be appreciative and I'd also be willing to bet they would take extra care to make sure everthing is done correctly. After all they "earned" that good reputation. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, it's how they correct them that I'd be looking at.

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