should i buy Marvin or Milgard Ultra north of San Franciso

wifeofdisabled2010January 15, 2010

Big decision and lots of money! I need to replace old alum. windows. Have replaced downstairs with Marvin which I love but they are so expensive. Contractor recommended Loewen which I have just decided NOT to use after seeing so many complaints re window failure and poor service from Loewen.

Now going back to deciding whether to spend the extra money for Marvin or choose Milgard Ultra. I've seen complaints on Milgard Ultra and don't know what to do. I intend to be in the house at least another 20 years and want to maintain resale value in a very good neighborhood.

We get a lot of wind, fog, rain and heavy sun on the south and west facing sides of the house.

Please help me make a decision since my husband is not available to make this decision. Your experience with Milgard Ultra is the info I need most since I love my existing Marvin Bay Windows.

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Seems to me if you reread what you wrote you answered your own question. I would go with your instincts as I believe the Marvin's to be worth the investment

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Have you looked at Marvin Integrity? I just installed one. Can't comment on long-term performance, but the price seemed reasonable and I like the appearance.

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I would not be concerned with using either Marvin line as they are both excellent products

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I'm looking into windows for our reno (and considering these two manufacturers), and wondering what you decided, and if you're happy.

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