Chalkboard painted walls - messy?

Mom23EsAugust 5, 2012

I've read lota of posts about this stuff. I've seen so many pictures of kids' bedrooms and playrooms with large areas of wall painted with chalkboard paint. It looks awesome, and my kids would LOVE to color on them. Before having kids I was an elementary school teacher, and my chalkboard was always a mess by the end of the day. Thank goodness the wonderful custodians cleaned our rooms so well each night. I love the look of chalkboard paint walls, but aren't they ridiculously messy? Is there some secret to containing the chalk dust that I don't know about? The rooms I would use it in all have carpeting.

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My gkids have a playroom wall done in chalk paint. The kids love it, but it is ALWAYS a mess. Their mom buys dustless chalk, but well, it is still plenty dusty. Because it is the bottom half of the wall that gets all the use, it is a struggle to get it clean, and, despite constant vacuuming along the baseboard and carpet edge, that edge has a very definite collection of chalk dust.

Their mom has given up cleaning the wall, so the kids just keep erasing their masterpieces. When it gets bad enough, Mom gives it a good going over, then lets it go again for a while. She is an excellent housekeeper and it took her a some months to stop cleaning the wall after the kids went to bed every night, but she has quit. The chalky smeary wall is part of the decor now, and everybody is happy.

The chalk wall was done just before last christmas, so is about 8 months old. The line on the carpet is permanent, but, oh well.
When the kids are older, she will replace carpet and repaint the wall. In the meantime, it is fun for the kids, a great room to play in. You have to be able to accept the chalk wall for what it is...a mess, most of the time.

Oh. And be prepared for the arguments about constant art wrecking! Masterpieces are always being erased, covered over, and obliterated.

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It can get really messy but I don't mind. It's an easy vacuum and as far as the walls I don;t mind that they aren't perfectly clean.

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I don't know much about them, but you can buy Chalk Markers. I believe that they are a lot less messy, and I have seen them at a local craft store.

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Thank you for the honest feedback. I think I'll wait until we finish our basement to try chalkboard paint out. I can't imagine the mess in a bedroom or the upstairs bonus/play room.

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I don't think it's a good idea for a kid's bedroom if there are allergies or asthma involved. I think it possibly could trigger something as well. I'm just saying that because when I'm near a chalkboard I get wheezy myself and remember banging the erasers outside for the teachers. Just thinking of that chalk dust makes me cough. How about just one door painted with it, or hang one small chalk board?

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