jennifer wilbanks = hero!!!

row1May 2, 2005 run out on an overblown wedding!!! Not the best way to escape the manipulations of all the family and wedding marketers trying to make the event into something other than an observance of a commitment between two people in front of God.

Not the best way to handle it, but at least she stood up to it all before the wedding day! You Go, Girl! All the way to Vegas!!

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You know, the minute I read 600 guests in the newspaper article, my first thought was, "she took off."

She would have been okay if she hadn't made up the abduction story.

This will be an interesting story as it unfolds.

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if she didn't want a wedding that big she should have said so in the first place, or eloped. It isn't like she didn't have a hand in planning it!
I feel for her family. They must have been so worried and all she had to do was say " I don't think this is what I want"
oh well, I hope that she has grown up from this experience.

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This may be her growing-up experience. I doubt she and her groom were bankrolling this shindig on their own. Time to cut the apron strings. Better to do it poorly than not at all. I say she had guts.

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funny- where I come from, running out on something- whether it's a date, a job interview, or a doctor's appointment- isn't a show of guts, it's a show of irresponsibility.

and I just have to wonder how many hispanic men with white girlfriends got terrorized by totally well-meaning police men in the interim between her bogus call to 911, and the truth coming out.

guts would have been to stand up 6 months ago, and say 'knock it off' like most of us did every time someone tried to railroad us into a 'family tradition' we had no intention of carrying on!

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And the papers are reporting today that she bought the bus ticket a week before she actually left!

I'm with you, ChinaCat. It's like the mother - I forget her name - who killed her kids and blamed two black men. These are not victimless crimes - and it *is* a crime to give a false report to a police officer.

I know that there's talk about suing her for the estimated $40,000-$60,000 spent looking for her, and I very much hope she is charged criminally. Not that she necessarily should go to jail, but she definitely needs a wake-up call. And this is a woman in her 30's, not some teenager.

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Sorry, I think she is a spoiled, self absorbed young woman. And those are the words of one of the federal agents who interviewed her. He also said she was somewhat remorseful, but didn't exactly apologize. I had a lot of sympathy in the beginning thinking - mega-wedding, she panicked and ran. This was thought out and pre-meditated, cost the town somewhere between 40-60 thousand dollars, and a lot of people volunteered and searched for her. There is nothing heroic in her actions. If she had guts, she would have stoppped things a lot earlier.
Can you imagine how much money was lost on that wedding? All those mega buck vendors didn't just walk away. I'm sure their deposits/fees are lost - especially since it was a hoax. CNN today had an article figuring her wedding to cost in the neighborhood of 100,000 dollars - swanky reception site, mega wedding, mega guest list, etc.
I'm sorry, but this girl may really need help, but she is as far from a hero as it gets.

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I have to agree with those who feel that she is not a hero. She agreed to the elaborate plans and allowed things to get out of hand. If she really loves the guy and this mega-wedding was her family's doing, then she should have taken the groom with her and eloped well before the wedding, when the plans hadn't gone so far. What she did is immature, irresponsible and selfish.

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Oh, I see - it would have been better for her to go through with the wedding.

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No one is saying that she should have gone through with the wedding if she was having doubts. We're saying it would have been better for her to act her age and face the issue squarely, rather than report a false crime, send more than a hundred volunteers out searching for her, and cost various police departments tens of thousands of dollars.

Many other brides have cancelled weddings honestly and responsibly, rather than the way she did it.

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Oh, I see - it would have been better for her to go through with the wedding.

No, it would have been better for her to act like a grown-up, which she IS, instead of doing a very stupid, expensive, and unnecessary thing. Lots of people call off their weddings every year and manage to do it without causing a nationwide manhunt - why couldn't she have done the same?

You don't honestly think that the only two choices were "go through with the wedding" or "make up a big huge lie, make false accusations, file false police reports, incur tens of thousands in search costs paid by the taxpayers, and cause untold people many hours of anguish"? - do you?

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Wilbanks a hero...hardly. Selfish, coward, self centered, stupid, prejudice those are the words I use to discribe her. Hero, yeah right. One has to think has she made it harder for people to believe when a real kidnapping occurs to another woman. Or will they think "here we go again another run away bride." I hope criminal charges are filed against her. From what I have seen on Cnn and other television programs she may have had her "joy ride" planned. It wasn't spurr of the moment. She needs to do community service perhaps in a hispanic area to show her what problems she has caused this ethnic group. And deffinately pay back all costs associated with the search for her. I have no sympathy for her at all. NancyLouise

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Of course, it's impossible to tell from just the "news" stories, but it sure sounds like this person is mentally ill.

600 guests? 14 bridesmaids (for a 32-year-old)? 8 showers? THAT wasn't enough attention -- she had to do this, too? Sorry, I don't see a woman in her thirties as being "manipulated" by "all the family and wedding marketers" -- and in fact, I'd like to think that no one in her right mind would be THAT selfish and inconsiderate. I'm guessing that she has some real problems. No one forced her to have all those attendants or to register hundreds and hundreds of items (check it out on weddingchannel and Target). By the way, they received most of them -- but there are still a few items, if you want to reward her heroism!

On a serious note: maybe she was just trying to add details to make her story sound more credible, but in identifying her "kidnapper" as "Hispanic," she caused trouble for a lot of people and contributed to bigotry and suspicion -- just what we need. Her crying wolf also makes it that much tougher for people who really are in trouble to be believed. She may indeed be mentally ill, but she was also thoughtless and selfish. Plenty of people struggle with mental illnesses and still manage to be considerate of others. Sociopathy is another thing altogether ....

Her fiance evidently intends to marry her. There's true love in sickness and in health for you.

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I wonder if it wasn't so much the big wedding as the GUY. She's 32, I bet she felt pressured even to get married at all. And once she'd decided that, the pressure to KEEP going is HUGE. Add to it all the OTHER people in a big wedding like that who have expectations of you--that's tough to buck.

I don't think what she did was right--I wish she'd just left a note that said, "I'm sorry, I can't" next to her keys or whatever.

Mostly I feel sorry for her.

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I met a Georgia bride of a Georgia groom last summer. As we were facing marriage to a southern boy in our family, she told me about her hometown Georgia wedding. Boy, they do weddings elaborately there--goes on for months and months with parties, etc. Frankly, I feel sorry for her. She clearly did not have all the brain cells working, but I have assumed she was just overwhelmed by it all.

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The huge, over-blown wedding WAS Jennifer's idea in the first place. She herself INSISTED on the grand wedding.

None of that was pushed on her. She invited all of it.

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I just read she sold the rights to her story. BIG SUPRISE!!! I'm sure she is running all the way to the bank now.

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She is the fartherest from a HERO!! She is a coward. Out of all those bridemaids, there was not one she could have confided in? Come on, I don't believe that. I can almost see why she ran away. The groom!! He scares me. He seems like he 'runs the ship' so to speak. She probably does not have any opinions. I feel the most for her family, how upset they were when they couldn't find her. I am glad she is getting help now. She could have avoided all this if she had just said three little words: "I just can't."

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