Badly need advise on picking the right window

AlecccJanuary 7, 2014

I'm building a house and have spent a lot of time researching different window companies. Finally, I've decided to go with Andersen 400. All windows have their pluses and minuses and Andersen 400 seemed like a reasonable choice. I came pretty close to actually ordering the windows when I realized that might have an issue with colors. I want to have sandtone color on the outside, and white on the inside with colonial grills, sandtone on the outside and white on the inside as well. Andersen 400 comes with sash that has the same color on both exterior and interior which means that I would end up with a beautiful window on the outside of the house, and on the inside I would have sandtone sash, white grills and the rest of the window would be white as well. I don't necessarily need sandtone color on the outside, but I don't want white and sandtone seems to be the next lightest color available. Does this mean that I would have to go to a different company? I really don't want to go with Pella, so it's either Marvin Intergrity or Andersen A-series which means spending at least 5k extra just to be able to paint the sash on the inside?
Please, help

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I'm not intimately familiar with the Andersen options, but I do like the Integrity as a better option. They just released some product revisions improving appearance and performance.

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Seems to be a nicely thought out re-design on the Integrity. Looking forward to seeing it.

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The last Integrity windows I installed had a vinyl stop with a wood veneer on the interior. I was not impressed for the price. I do like the exterior and they may have change the interior. I just replaced $60,000 worth of Anderson 400 series on a house that was built in 1996. The French doors on the south elevation were in pretty bad shape. We don't see very much Anderson in this market. Their dealers keep going out of business. I'm not sure there is an Anderson dealer in Nashville right now. This market is all Marvin and Pella when it comes to premium wood or clad wood.

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Well...between that comparison (Marvin and Pella), I hope that most are opting for the Marvin.

What were the nature of the failures on the 400s that you pulled?

Any pictures?

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Windowswashington, I don't really have anything bad to say about 400's, at least not yet. The issue is more of a limitation in design. I want to have colored outside (sandtone) and white inside. I can go white grills on the inside and unfinished wood which would be painted white. But I can't do anything about the sash. It would have to be sandtone both inside and out. How good/bad would that look? Have no idea. Couldn't really find any pictures of this combo either. I'm curious what other people are going when they buy 400's? Do they all buy white windows only?

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