Gift for (uncle) minister?

bcrawfo2May 22, 2006

My uncle is going to perform our ceremony. Obviously a tip isn't appropriate. Any thoughts for a gift?

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ooh that's hard. Sometimes you could give a donation to a minister's home congregation, or some other religious cause he feels strongly about. But w/ an uncle, I think I'd be wanting to give HIM something. Bcs it's more personal, what he's doing for us/you.

And, he got stuff like a great Bible, a cross for the wall, etc.

Could you give him an experience? Dinner somewhere; a workshop. Anything I can think of that would be really unique would also be really expensive.

Does he have any colleagues in his church organization that you could call and pick their brains?

The other idea is simply to get him something fine--I got my dad a new, really nice silver-plated pocketknife (bcs he always carries on; and I noticed that his was getting dull, right before the wedding).

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There is no need to try to choose something related to his being a clergyman (assuming he is one); in fact, I would avoid it. Like teachers don't need yet another apple-shaped desk ornament. I would just get him some nice personal gift that he would enjoy, the same as if you were getting him a nice birthday gift, or else a contribution to his favorite charity.

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I'm still thinking. He's actually not clergy...he's just a normal guy that decided to become a minister. Doesn't preach...doesn't work in a church.
I guess I'll work with the nice gift idea.


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