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bcrawfo2May 22, 2006

We're getting married at a small bed and breakfast. Our site fee is about $1k and we have the Inn's seven rooms booked by friends. The Inn-keepers will obviously make money here...how much do we tip them for their work?

The caterer (very small..the owner will be helping with the wedding, but bringing staff of about 5) split her bill into food and service components. Do we tip on the total, or just the food? 15%?



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Personally I wouldn't tip the B&B owner.. They are charging you $1000 for the site & making $'s on renting all the rooms..

Tip the caterer definately 15-20% on the total at least..

You wouldn't tip a hotel on the room charges & site rental so why tip the B&B ??

My 2 cents worth of opinion..

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I agree. Don't tip the B&B overall, but if they have maids employed, the guests in the rooms might leave tips when they leave.

I'm not sure about a 15-20% + tip for the catering where there is already a separate charge for the service -- especially since that seems like paying 3 times for service: the fee for the service, a percentage of the food bill, and a percentage of the service fee. That seems to me similar to where a restaurant already includes a tip. Suppose dinner at such a restaurant came to $50, and a 15% tip were included -- and then you decided to tip 20% on the total, too. That would be a $20.50 tip on a $50 tab -- 41%.

But I really don't know what is customary. Even if not 15-20%, you might want to add something, especially if the food and service were really outstanding and you want to help out a struggling caterer -- just like you might add something at a "service included" restaurant for outstanding service.

Would you feel comfortable calling another, similarly sized caterer in the area and asking what is customary, or perhaps acquaintances who have used this caterer?

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I agree that no tip is needed to the B&B owners unless they do something extra; then they can be rewarded.

Check the bill from the caterer. They usually include the tip and list it either as "service fee" or "gratuity." If it is included in the bill, it will be in the 18 to 19% range. Usually, 15% is split with the employees and about 3% goes to the banquet captain/person in charge. You don't need to include an additional tip unless they provide exemplary service in some way.

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I would be sure to tip the servers even if there is a service fee on your catering bill. You should put an amount in an envelope and give it to the head of that group to divide among those who served the event.

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Our catering breakdown is:
50% food
37% service (listed as chef, bartender, 3 servers)
13% rentals (tables, plates, glasses, linens, etc)--passthru to rental vendor

All I'd be willing to tip on is the food...and I'm still up in the air on that.

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The people renting the rooms tip when they leave...depending on the service...
You wouldn't tip the hotel of you were renting a party room, but you would tip the staff.
You tip the caterer's help....not the caterer ( you wouldn't tip a restraunt owner would you? You tip the service staff) and that depends on how long they worked and what the total bill is.
Linda C

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be sure there isn't already a gratuity in the quoted price...

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