cicerogirlMay 22, 2004

Does anyone know if there is a site where I can print out a checklist for the wedding? Daughter is getting married June 26 and we dont want to forget anything. I have written everything down but it would be nice to have copies made and just to make extra sure we did not forget anything in this final countdown stage when we are starting to get a little frazzeled. Thanks.

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I would love to offer you mine, but each wedding is so unique that it would be difficult to share such a list. I did however start a timeline of sorts in a spreadsheet and tucked in various things that had to be done that day and who had to get it done. I then printed these off for some members to go by. This included - hair appointments, when to get to the church start dressing (our girls dressed at the church), clear down to toasts at the reception and when the final dance would be. It gave others a general idea of what to expect when... hope that helps

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Ok yes it helps I did not even think about a timeline for the events and that is a big help. I will make a time line list I guess that is what I needed and print out. Thank you

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As a wedding and event coordinator, I always create a time line for every event. Your constraint in the reception activities will be the time that the photographer leaves. Figure out which pictures you definitely want him/her to capture (cake cutting, first dances, etc.) before leaving, then work backwards from there. If you have a 5 hour package, you should be able to get cake cutting, toasts, and first dances but maybe not the bouquet and garter toss, depending on when you plan those things.

Share copies of the time line with the photographer, DJ or band leader, videographer, and the banquet captain. That way, everyone can work together as a team to make the reception flow without you needing to stand over them.

Your schedule should also include information related to the ceremony, such as the order for seating of grandparents and mothers and by whom, the order of entry and exit of the members of the wedding party. Share this portion of the schedule with the minister, ceremony musician and whoever will be in charge of getting everyone down the aisle in a timely manner (not you!).

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The has a great checklist section as well as a budgeter...take a look at that.

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Here's a fairly comprehensive one:

I've also made a list of everything we'll need to take to the ceremony and reception sites to decorate them (from the duct tape for the electrical cords, to the measuring tape and scissors and tons in between!), including a break-down of duties for each task: ie: head table: centrepiece, petals, organza swags, candle-holders/white candles, etc, etc. That way, when someone decides what they want to do, it's a matter of telling him or her that the supplies are right there, and here's the list of things to do. I've helped decorate for other friends' weddings, and frankly, so much time was wasted just organizing people to get all the work done and everyone seemed to be running in circles.

Another list I have is of all the items for the Ladies' Room complimentary basket, from bobby pins to Shout spot removers! I intend to fill and wrap the basket shortly, so that, too, is out of the way.
Hope that helps!....Mom of September Bride.

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I don't have a checklist yet, but I got an idea from someone on this board (I'm sorry but I can't remember who right now...) to pack a box for each table/item in the reception with all items for each in the separate boxes (i.e., the head table box would have the centerpiece for the head table as well as all napkins/plates/glasses/tasting flutes/whatever that are needed for that one table) I have already started packing these, I think they are a great idea. This way, whoever is helping will have everything that they need for a table right there in the box!

Now, I gotta get busy on that checklist! ;-)

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Started packing the boxes today for the church and reception hall and marking them. Also giving the house a good spring cleaning after our long hard winter up here in Wisconsin as guests will be arriving in from out of state. I also am making a turkey to have on hand for out of town guests in and out of the house the week of the wedding. Also will have plenty of hotdogs and hamburger patties made up for all. The only problem we are experiencing now is hotels in town they have all been booked for over a year. We live in a small town and there are 2 other weddings besides ours on June 26th and country fest is also that weekend here.I have been calling the hotels here in town for cancelations daily.Calling the hotels is at the top of my checklist. All hotels are booked around here for 60 miles. Well,so I am preparing for a campout in my backyard. LOL if the rain ever goes away.

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Martha Stewart Weddings prints a planner in every issue--wedding thngs to do, along w/ the amount of time it will take, budget broken down VERY comprehensively, etc. It's pretty well organized. Of course not everyone will want to do everything on the magazine's list, but at least you'll know you CHOSE to leave it out, and not that you forgot it.

Plus, there are all those great stories!

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Every wedding is different, due to differences in families, local customs, budgets, personal desires, etc. In planning DD's wedding, and helping with DS's wedding, I never did find a complete checklist/timeline that seemed to "fit". However, looking at several checklists gave me a good starting place to develop my own checklist.

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