Going to be a busy summer!

nancylouise_gwMay 14, 2010

2010 seems to be the year for weddings in our family. My husbands' nephew is getting married on July 3rd. My 2nd cousin is getting married on July 4. (thank goodness they are sort of in the same area, western mass. and conn.) My nephew is getting married in the beginning of September and I just found out there may be another wedding in August! Phew! Very happy and pleased for all of them but man....couldn't they have spread them out over a few years! lol NancyLouise

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Our family too! Our daughter is getting married the end of June and our oldest son is getting married 4 weeks later! It has been a whirlwind of a year here... : )

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Congratulations to both of you! Robin, I cannot imagine how you are managing it.

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Robin, OH MY! Both in the same year...congratulations. You don't have any more children do you? One going to jump on the band wagon with brother and sister and have another wedding this year. lol! NancyLouise

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Robin, I know what you mean. First our son got married and two weeks later our daughter got married.. Whee, what a time... Now they have given us 8 grandbabies and 7 out of the 8 have birthdays within 8 weeks of each other..

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Haha, they both want to start families quickly. Heaven help me, I am not ready to be a Nana yet!
We do have another son, who is between these two. He is still looking for Miss Right.

Susie, I can't imagine only 2 weeks in between. Yikes!

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Congratulations. It is really great to have good times to have great fun with family. It is real joy of life to meet friends and family with happiness.

Good luck

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